Indian Mythology

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Are you a homo-wife?


The term ‘homo-wife’ is emerging in China where millions of women are not willing to stay quiet about the fact that their husbands are gay, being forced to marry to give their families an heir, as they are the only son in the family (because of China’s one child policy) and because of tradition.

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Karmic Hisab-Kitab


The Union Budget presented before Parliament inspires DEVDUTT PATTANAIK to look at the bigger picture — to examine the balance sheet of our life.

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Recruitment Dilemma


We cannot measure Narayana, what a person is. We can only measure Narayani, what a person has, his experience and qualifications. We hope to figure out the Narayana side during interview process. But that remains highly subjective.

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Sustaining the wave of love


The other’s failings enables the self’s victory. And the self imagines it is because of its strategy. A vacuum sucks the self in, but the self believes it is the force causing the movement.

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