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I help leverage the power of myth in business, management, and life.
Myth = Belief =  Subjective Truth = Cultural Assumptions.
Mythology = stories, symbols and rituals that communicate myth.
Latest Articles
  • A ring of tantrik women

    One thing that often goes unnoticed in many traditional Hindu temples, is that the walls of the shrine is made of a circle of women

  • How can a Medical Doctor be a Mythologist?

    By turning all knowledge that cannot be measured or proven using scientific principles into falsehood, scientists risk turning into power-brokers.

  • Who is a hindu? Is the world my family?

    Not everyone embraced the philosophy ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam.’ Here’s why.

  • A Hinduism before Bhakti

    A thousand years ago, India was very different from what it is today. North India had yet to face significant conquest by Muslim warlords from Central Asia

  • Who is a guru?

    Different people in different contexts use the word guru differently to refer to different kinds of people.

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