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I help leverage the power of myth in
business, management, and life.

Myth = Belief =  Subjective Truth
= Cultural Assumptions

Mythology = stories, symbols and rituals that communicate myth.

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  • Intolerance: the Movie


    Nobody is interested in countering the menace. Everybody seems to be more bothered about branding!

  • Two endings of the Gita


    Krishna’s conclusion is rather psychological. Sanjaya’s conclusion is very material.

  • The Transformation of Murugan


    In Murugan, Shiva, the distant stoic sage, unites with the vibrant demanding goddess Shakti.

  • The invisible violence of vegetarianism


    Many people are of the opinion that eating vegetarian food is indicative of kindness and non-violence. That is not so.

  • Breaking the royal pillar


    Stories are not created in vacuum. They respond to a historical context and emerge to communicate a point of view.

  • 14 things historians taught me


    The best thing they passed on is that no knowledge is fixed and finite.

  • Debutante ball & puberty rites


    We would like to imagine patriarchy as a religious phenomenon. But it also thrives in ‘secular’ societies, in the richest and most developed nations, with a hunger for status. And status is often attached to the woman as in the most primitive barbaric societies.

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