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I help leverage the power of myth in
business, management, and life.

Myth = Belief =  Subjective Truth
= Cultural Assumptions

Mythology = stories, symbols and rituals that communicate myth.

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Ramayana when it Rains

In Kerala, the traditional month of Karkidakam that falls in July-August is associated with heavy rains. It used to once be a time of scarcity, wetness and disease. There was no work in the fields and staying at home doing nothing meant boredom and quarrels for no reason. To cope with this, people began reading the Ramayana. So the month became renowned as the Ramayana month.


Karta versus Yajaman

The two words are often used interchangeably but they mean very different things. They represent two levels of leadership.


Entrapped by Hero-giri

“To succeed in the marketplace, leave your nose (symbol of ego) behind at home.”


Butter is now Out of Reach

Butter, like love, must be shared, not locked away from people.

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