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I help leverage the power of myth in
business, management, and life.

Myth = Belief =  Subjective Truth
= Cultural Assumptions

Mythology = stories, symbols and rituals that communicate myth.

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The Architecture of Fear

A knowledge of fear is critical in management if one accepts that humans are animals with imagination, who cannot be domesticated using reason.


Line, Circle and Spiral: three ways of organizational thinking

The line, the wheel and the spiral thus are three ways of organizational thinking.


The Good Death

Euthanasia means a good death and is a term used for an old or sick person voluntarily choosing death to relieve himself/herself of pain and suffering either by refusing treatment, or by asking the assistance of a doctor to facilitate his/her death either actively (administering a poison, for example) or passively (not administering a treatment, for example).


Cast into the Forest

The way we see the world depends a lot on how we are raised.

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