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I help leverage the power of myth in
business, management, and life.

Myth = Belief =  Subjective Truth
= Cultural Assumptions

Mythology = stories, symbols and rituals that communicate myth.

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  • How fares the King?


    How do we judge those who we believe will take us to the Promised Land?

  • Curse of Saraswati


    What is the purpose of taleem? Is it to enable us to earn a living only? Or is it to enable us to understand the world, place wealth in context and outgrow dependence on tali?

  • Unable to Plan


    Why are Indians famous for glamorizing last minute rush and imperfect closures?

  • Rebirth of a God


    The rituals by which Jagannatha, the presiding deity of Puri, Odisha, will die and be reborn along with his sister Subhadra and his elder brother Balabhadra and his weapon, the Sudarshana.

  • Place in the Puja-room


    Know the dynamics of the workplace if you wish to succeed as a leader.

  • Are you a homo-wife?


    The term ‘homo-wife’ is emerging in China where millions of women are not willing to stay quiet about the fact that their husbands are gay, being forced to marry to give their families an heir, as they are the only son in the family (because of China’s one child policy) and because of tradition.

  • Rape in the Bible


    How we forget the victim/survivor as we turn her body into the arena of our politics.

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