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October 1, 2013

First published September 30, 2013

My US Trip, Oct ’13

I am on a lecture tour across United States of America from 3rd October – 18th October.

I will be talking on “how we DO see work/life…how we CAN see work/life….using a mythic perspective…comparing and contrasting greek, biblical and indic mythologies”.

Details below
Date City Location Time Contact
Thursday 10/3/13 Santa Clara, CA Santa Clara University 9:00pm Sairam (
Friday 10/4/13 San Jose, CA San Jose State University 4:00pm Sairam (
Saturday 10/5/13 San Jose, CA GITPRO 4:00pm Khanderao (
Sunday 10/6/13 Cerritos, CA Bharatiya Vichaar Manch 1:30pm Rama (
Mondya 10/7/13 Los Angeles, CA University of Southern California 7:00pm Devika (
Tuesday 10/8/13 Houston, TX University of Houston 4:30pm Khyati (
Wednesday 10/9/13 Houston, TX Star Pipe Products Arun (
Friday 10/11/13 Rochester, MN Mayo Clinic 10:30am Unni Krishnan (
Saturday 10/12/13 Chicago, IL University of Chicago 12:00pm Pankaj (
Saturday 10/12/13 Champaigne, IL University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaigne 5:00pm Deepak (
Sunday 10/13/13 Mundelein, IL Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh 10:00am Ramprasad (
Sunday 10/13/13 Peoria, IL Bradley University 6:00pm Mandar (
Monday 10/14/13 Columbus, OH Ohio State University 6:00pm Swaroop (
Tuesday 10/15/13 Cleveland, OH Case Western Reserve University Dhruv (
Wednesday 10/16/13 Boston, MA Boston University 7:30pm Pragya (
Thursday 10/17/13 Cambridge, MA TiE Boston 6:00pm Vikas (
Friday 10/18/13 College Park, MD University of Maryland 6:00pm Ashwin (
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