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Central Asia

  • A brief history of Vedic thought

    A brief history of Vedic thought

    When we try and study Vedic thought, we realize that we have to do a kind of mental archaeology, digging through layers of literature and ideas…

  • Mother Brahmi

    Mother Brahmi

    When I hear stories of how Ganesha acted as a scribe and wrote down the Mahabharata dictated by Vyasa or how Hanuman wrote his Ramayana on leaves, or the name of Rama on the rocks used to build the bridge to Lanka, I wonder what script they used?…

  • The transformation of the Buddha

    The transformation of the Buddha

    A telling of the history of the Buddha and the different forms of Buddhism…

  • Politics of Origin

    Politics of Origin

    A theory about the supposed origin of Hinduism…

  • From Buddha to Bodhisattva

    From Buddha to Bodhisattva

    As humans we prefer affection over wisdom; more than knowledge, we need love…