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September 8, 2023

First published October 4, 2022

 in Audible

Ravana 360 Degrees

Audible presents Ravana 360 Degrees, an Audible Original. Ravana 360 Degrees is a deep dive into the story of Ravana.

By exploring him as a son, a brother, a father, a king, a husband, a devotee, and an enemy, as expressed in various stories and images about him, we hope to gain a deeper insight into Hindu philosophy.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed and interpretations given on this show are personal to the individual appearing on the show, and not those of Audible. Audible fully acknowledges and respects other perspectives and viewpoints with regard to the subject of the episodes. This show is not intended to offend or defame any individual, entity, caste, community, race, or religion, or to denigrate any institution or person, living or dead, and does not intend to outrage/insult or defame or hurt any religious sentiments, beliefs, or feelings of any person, entity, class, or community. Listener’s discretion is advised.

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