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March 4, 2017

First published March 3, 2017

The Dog Dilemma

I thought I should get a dog. My dog-loving friends looked pleased at my conversion.

But then, a friend refused to come to a dinner party. Because he could not leave XXX alone at home.

Who is XXX? His lovely poodle of course.

Suddenly, you realize the lovely dog who gives love is also a fetter. You get the pet and you end up becoming the pet.

You end up giving up your sleep to take them for a walk. And you pick up their poop (if you are also a caring citizen). And of course, for the unconditional love they give you, you will never be able to take that holiday you wanted to all your life.

Dog as a delightful fetter. Is that why the Vedic texts frowned on the dog (symbol)?

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