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  • Grow up and Move on

    Grow up and Move on

    If we have to grow, we have to constantly keep retiring…

  • The Vishwaroopa Complex

    The Vishwaroopa Complex

    Trying to be everything- ending up becoming nothing ?…

  • Breaking the Rules

    Breaking the Rules

    Rules are made to keep order and discipline,but sometimes these very rules end up becoming a bane…

  • Mahabharata inside the house

    Mahabharata inside the house

    Three sets of brothers – the same relationship binds them all and yet,all behave so differently…

  • The Clothes of Draupadi

    The Clothes of Draupadi

    The disrobing of Draupadi is horrifying not simply for the terrible act of humiliating a woman in public- it is what it signifies – the collapse of dharma…