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First published August 18, 2005

LAKSHMI, the Goddess of Wealth and Fortune: An Introduction

Lakshmi, the goddess of material abundance, affluence, authority and auspiciousness, is the most popular goddess of the Hindu pantheon. An understanding of her helps in appreciating the Hindu attitude towards wealth and power.

This book brings together:

Stories of the goddess compiled from Vedas, Puranas, Tantras and fold narratives, over 200 images from different parts of India, from different times, each in a different narrative style Symbols associated with fertility that are an integral part of Lakshmi worship Explanation of her attributes and her enigmatic association with demons and the nether regions Description of rituals, temples, and festivals dedicated to her Philosophical and metaphysical thoughts that make her worship significant even in modern times.

108 names of the goddess that hold promise of material fulfillment Text and simple translation of Kanakadhara (inflowing gold) Stotra of Adi Shankaracharya.

“Salutations to the goddess of wealth, food, property, children, health,happiness, power, beauty, luck and sacredness, who sits bejeweled on a dew-drenched lotus, holding in her hand a golden pot overflowing with grain and gold, who is entertained by the songs of elephants in rut, who is the strength of the cosmic-king Vishnu, the mother of the god of love, whose eyes hold the promise of contentment and fulfillment, who is restless but generous to all those who adore her, who is the earth-cow offering love and nourishment to all.”


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