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First published March 8, 2011

Fun in Devlok: Gauri And The Talking Cow

* Why is the cow useful to everyone?
* How are the earth and the cow similar?
* Why is Gauri another name for a cow?
Little girl Gauri thinks milk comes from packets, till she meets Sweety the talking cow. Sweety tells Gauri about the first cow on earth, Surabhi, and how she provided so many useful things to man fuel, manure, medicine and shelter. Sweety narrates stories about a king who found good luck because he gifted cows to many people, and how another king was turned into a lizard because he was not careful about who he gave his cows to! Sweety also tells Gauri how Krishna the cowherd looked after his beloved animals, and why Kali decided to comb her hair.

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