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  • A cluster of goddesses

    A cluster of goddesses

    Published on 29th September, 2019, in Mid-day In the Vedas, one does find references to …

  • Son of an asura

    Son of an asura

    Because Hiranyakashipu receives a boon from Brahma, he cannot be killed by any human or animal, either inside or outside a dwelling, at day or at night…

  • Expressing devotion sensually

    Expressing devotion sensually

    The classic Sanskrit version is found in the 1,000-year-old Bhagavata Purana…

  • Who is a guru?

    Who is a guru?

    Different people in different contexts use the word guru differently to refer to different kinds of people…

  • A Purana for Muslims

    A Purana for Muslims

    If this topic interests you, do read about it in the writings of Vasudha Narayanan who is Distinguished Professor, Department of Religion, University of Florida…