By Devdutt Pattanaik

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Part 1: Learn How Indian Mythology can rewrite Modern Management. MRP Rs 999

Episode 1. Is there any Indian way of doing business?

Indian business concepts are dominated by western management theory. But in India, business is meant to go beyond the profit motive!
  • Purpose of a Corporation?
  • Short Term v/s Long Term Goals
  • Family Businesses: Advantage India?

Episode 2. Who is a Leader?

Are you Indra - chasing success, or Vishnu - with success chasing you? Who is a leader? What are ideal leadership qualities?
  • Leadership: Indra v/s Vishnu
  • Tools of A Leader
  • Ram: The Ideal Leader!
  • Parshuram to Buddha: Leadership in Different Business Cycles

Episode 3. Dharma and Dharma Sankat

Principles, not rules, define the Indian way of living. What is the dharma of business?
  • Dharma and Dharma Sankat
  • Relationship between Owner & Organisation
  • Ramayana v/s Mahabharat: Contextual Leadership

Episode 4. Modern Day Business Dilemmas

Leadership celebrates creativity, innovation and risk taking. Modern governance standards emphasize the need to de-risk!
  • CEO v/s Board: Conflict?
  • Can the End Justify the Means?

Episode 5. Education: The Indian case study method

Modern education and training systems ignore the age old belief, that knowledge can never only be given, it must also be taken.
  • Experiential Education
  • Transfer of Knowledge to Next Generation
  • Vikram Vetaal: The Indian Case Study Method

Part 2: Learn How Ancient Business Stories Enhance Modern Business Management. MRP Rs. 999

Episode 1. Measurement: What are you worth?

Corporations today are obsessed with the need to measure! But can everything be measured? Is it true that if you can't measure it you can't manage it?
  • What can be Measured?
  • Objective v/s Subjective Reality
  • Determining Self-Worth

Episode 2. Khandavaprastha:

The environment fights back! Thousands of years ago, mythology anticipated the conflict between business and the environment, between development and sustainability. But can there be any creation without destruction?
  • Creation of Culture, Destruction of Nature
  • Pralaya: The Environment Fights back

Episode 3. Property: Brothers in Battle!

Property has been at the center of every epic battle in India. And brothers on either side! Are we defined by who we are or what we have?
  • Brothers at War: From Baali to Bharat
  • Self v/s Self Image
  • Laxman & the Loyalty Lesson

Episode 4. Discrimination!

We worship several thousand avatars of divinity... irrespective of their gender or caste. Yet India is infamous for the persecution of its women and an entrenched caste system.
  • Is Man Superior to Woman?
  • Creation of Hierarchy
  • Death of the Thinker

Episode 5. Jugaad: The Indian Way of Doing Business!

The famous Indian head shake...not yes, not no, but maybe! Always looking for a way out. Do we have scant regard for rules or structures? Are we fatalistic or Laidback? What explains the ‘chalta hai’ attitude and ‘Jugaadu’ approach?
  • Destiny v/s Desire
  • Jugaad: Good or Bad?
  • Raas Leela: The Perfect Organisation

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