By Devdutt Pattanaik

We all have been hearing about the environmental cost of industrialization and growth. There are demands for better regulations and more safety measures to prevent events like the BP oil spill. But no one is talking about curbing demands. Demands for more resources indicates growth. That is good. But it comes at a price – the destruction of the environment. And with the destruction of the environment, human society comes closer to its own destruction as we depend on environment for our survival. Any talk of being content with what one has is mocked as being ‘spiritual’ and not ‘practical’. It rings hollow when developed countries ask developing countries to restrain themselves. Media tells us what lifestyle the rich and famous have. Human rights tells us that we are all equal. And so we all want to be rich and famous. That demands resources. That demands the drilling for more oil and the mining for more minerals, increasingly the probability of disasters. Scriptures have warned us about this always. But modern management never bothered to check the wisdom therein.

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