By Devdutt Pattanaik

Telecast on 7 August, 2010

This was the final episode of Season 1 (we are planning Season 2) in which we wanted to explore Indianness. This is a Future Group value. Belief in Indianness. Somewhere along the line, Indians have lost faith in themselves that there is wisdom in India and there is much to learn from Indian beliefs and customs. Somewhere along the line, we have allowed ourselves to become either defensive or apologetic. I believe that Indian ideas need to be seen through a fresh post-post-modern lens. The modern lens is very judgmental and looks at traditional thought in terms of right and wrong. The post-modern lens looks at all thoughts are being perspectives and does not respect any thought, be it traditional or otherwise. The post-post-modern lens looks at things in context appreciating the subjective realities of Indians and recognizing it as being different from those of other people. It is of value in some situations but not in all.

Segment 1: Desire vs. Destiny

Segment 2: Jugaad

Segment 3: Raas-Lila

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By Devdutt Pattanaik

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