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  • Battle between Shikhandi and Bhisma

    Battle between Shikhandi and Bhisma

    An illustration that was published in Brunch, Hindustan Times, on Sunday 13 Nov 2009…

  • The snake sacrifice

    The snake sacrifice

    Janamejaya performed a great sacrifice to kill all the snakes in the world. It was …

  • The Archer

    The Archer

    Shiva raises the bow Pinaka and destroys the three worlds with a single arrow. This …

  • Buraq


    The magical beast part-horse, part-bird that took the Prophet Muhammad to Heaven…

  • Puja Room

    Puja Room

    Puja Room, the space in our homes where the gods reside to give us hope …

  • Namam


    Children peeping from behind a cloth sporting sacred marks on their foreheads. These marks are …