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  • Common Corporate Culture Beyond Belief

    Common Corporate Culture Beyond Belief

    Does it really matter how we get there ? What matters is where we are trying to reach…

  • Friday 13

    Friday 13

    Why does a date ’13th’ and a day ‘Friday’, in conjunction with each other,inspire so much fear ??????…

  • Metaphysics of Mathematics

    Metaphysics of Mathematics

    Numbers,numbers,numbers- subtract,divide,multiply !…

  • Vishnu as Leader

    Vishnu as Leader

    Most often than not,it is the person taking the middle ground who emerges as the victor !…

  • Brahma in Bangkok

    Brahma in Bangkok

    Whats honey for one may be bitter medicine for another !…

  • Can Buddha Laugh?

    Can Buddha Laugh?

    His smile,His laughter and it’s different interpretations in different cultures…