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  • Children of the Great

    Children of the Great

    As parents spend more and more time at work, for work, there is a price to pay back home…

  • The yoga trap

    The yoga trap

    Is yoga Hindu or Indian, secular or religious?…

  • The wives of Krishna

    The wives of Krishna

    Krishna’s polygamous nature is designed to stand in stark contrast to Ram’s monogamous nature. He is romantic rake, who breaks hearts while Ram is the faithful husband, who is always distant…

  • Cow slaughter and dharma

    Cow slaughter and dharma

    Manipulating Vedic concepts for political gain…

  • The Glamorization of Alcohol

    The Glamorization of Alcohol

    When the gods churned the ocean of milk, amongst the many treasures that emerged there was a lady called Varuni, daughter of the sea-god Varuna, who was the goddess of wine. Actually goddess of alcohol, but wine sounds so much better than alcohol…

  • The Context of the Mahabharata

    The Context of the Mahabharata

    To understand the Mahabharata we have to appreciate the Ramayana and to appreciate both we need to appreciate the Vedas…