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  • Celebrating Shiva’s Holy Night

    Celebrating Shiva’s Holy Night

    An unconventional God – an unconventional way and rituals of worship…

  • Ego is the Forbidden Fruit

    Ego is the Forbidden Fruit

    So temping is the Fruit ! ah,and how difficult it is not to succumb !…

  • Games Greek Gods Play

    Games Greek Gods Play

    oh,the games They played,now !…

  • Return of the Love-God

    Return of the Love-God

    Few have escaped being struck down by the flowery sting of his arrows,shot from an even sweeter,sugary bow !…

  • Can Buddha Laugh?

    Can Buddha Laugh?

    His smile,His laughter and it’s different interpretations in different cultures…

  • Da Vinci Re-coded

    Da Vinci Re-coded

    It is not about what or who the Holy Grail is;it is about what it represents…

  • HANUMAN — an Introduction

    HANUMAN — an Introduction

    This book is an attempt to understand the imagery, ritual and philosophy associated with Hanuman worship in our time…

  • Man Who Was A Woman

    Man Who Was A Woman

    The world changes with time and with it human behavior and social law…

  • Food of the Gods

    Food of the Gods

    It is not about what is offered to Him; it is about the why ?…

  • There are no Rain Gods anymore

    There are no Rain Gods anymore

    Even the popularity of gods change with the changing times…



    Hinduism – complex,mystical,ritualistic,contradictory !…

  • Hindu way of life

    Hindu way of life

    It has a little bit of everything in it and mixed together so beautifully…