In The Stories We Tell: Mythology to Make Sense of Modern Lives, renowned mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik presents seventy-two tales from India’s rich treasure of myths and legends to explain life in the twenty-first century. The stories are arranged into a variety of themes, including ‘Apsara’, a reflection on the portrayal of women in ancient texts; ‘Karma’, ‘Justice’, and ‘Appropriation or Exchange’, which show how our modern ideals of justice have been shaped by ancient scriptures; ‘Unconditional Love’, which is an exploration of the parity that must exist between loving partners; and ‘Devas and Asuras’, which illustrates how the binary of right and wrong is anything but black and white. Originating from the author’s webcast Teatime Tales, this collection of stories is narrated in his inimitable style and offers a fresh and insightful take on how our mythology affects our lives today.