Business Sutra: A Very Indian Approach To Management,published in 2013, introduces readers to the Indian way of management, which is very different from the commonly followed Western methods.Modern management, which is taught in business schools all across the globe, is rigidly goal-oriented, and lays extreme importance on increasing shareholder value. Ancient India was famous for its trade and commerce, thus management has long been a part and parcel of this country’s tradition.

The author has used stories, rituals, and symbols from Indian mythology to provide a more subjective way of approaching management. Business Sutra: A Very Indian Approach To Management emphasizes on the significance of darshan, which is essential in the relationship that individuals share with Goddess Lakshmi. Pattanaik illustrates how to run a tea stall, as well as a multinational company, by using the sutras mentioned in this book. Readers will see that Western management encourages people to chase wealth, whereas Indian management says that wealth should be attracted. The first creates a battleground-like atmosphere, whereas the latter feels more like a playground.

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