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  • Snobbery by Geography

    Snobbery by Geography

    The importance of the Pin Code !…

  • Burden of Unity

    Burden of Unity

    A thousand different languages,scripts,food,castes,religions,political views and beliefs and they all unite to make one India…

  • Territorial over Property

    Territorial over Property

    From where did the notion of ownership come from ?…

  • The violence of the Goddess

    The violence of the Goddess

    We have to ask ourselves the more important question of ‘why’ it is so.In awareness lies the wisdom…

  • From Jaya to Mahabharata

    From Jaya to Mahabharata

    Sometimes,we fail to realize the fine but fundamental difference between Jaya and Vijaya…

  • Dharma-Sankat in Family Business

    Dharma-Sankat in Family Business

    Professionalism or family ties – a tricky choice to make.A true Dharam-Sankat !…