NDTV Interview: Property and Disputes

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What is it about property that stirs our most primal emotions?

They are coming back from the funeral and the feelings are already beginning to shift.
Mixed with the grief at losing the patriach there is a sense of anticpation and tension. How did he leave his money and property? Who gets what?

Perhaps all will be well; but as evidenced by an increasing number of cases, it could also lead to conflict bitter court battles and sometimes family quarrels that go on for generations.

  • Aghraja Bhatia

    Hello Sir,

    Very well said that values are more important however what can Ganga do when Gangotri is polluted?

    Also how significant is destiny? Does will has any role to play if everything has already been decided?


    • Wonderful Sirji

      Please teach me also to be cool & calm while taking or having debate on mythology. May it sound childish to you, but a help really required

      • Devdutt

        Respect other people’s opinion even if you don’t like it

  • Parikshit Sharma

    Amazing… very Devdutt. Thanks for taking the form.

  • Meetali

    ya very well said devdutt, agree.

  • Wonderful Sirji

    Please teach me also to be cool & calm while taking or having debate on mythology.

  • NR

    Excellent Insights !! However one point I would like to make would be that in the current world does the gangotri has to be really polluted for Ganga to get polluted. If I have to make an analogy … even today the real Gangotri is sacred and non-polluted, but else where the Ganga is flowing its polluted, similarly if a Father has no vices never drinks or smokes, still the son learns those vices from friends or society. So does the place where Ganga is flowing or what kind of people son is interacting matters !!!

  • Ambiguity of Saraswati

    Saraswati the seat of learning and wisdom is more mature than Laxmi and Laxmi will always follow saraswati… It is also like saying Teach a man how to fish and you have made him empowered..
    Do we also say if a man possess all the wealth of knowledge he will get what he wants and when he wants..
    Or wisdom will make him aspire for more real wealth rather than money..

    I remember your lines”Lakshmi will come into the company where Saraswati thrives.”

  • Vivek

    The example of the mother with 3 sons, all abroad, is eye opening.

  • Dear Sir,

    I have portrayed the three Goddesses in this show above. I am an absolute fan of your books and what you stand for. I speak frequently at TEDx forums and you are one of the inspirations I keep in my head when speaking on Classical dance in society. All the best for your future endeavours!

  • Dear Sir,
    Only one sentence for you.
    You have given us the “Key”. Especially the one I was looking for all these years.

  • Manoj

    Dear Sir,
    It’s amazing. In childhood, we share even the piece of
    chocolate but when we get older, we measure love. I have shown the video to many people & they all were very surprised & happy that they had never thought about it. You gave us the inspiration to think in a different way. Thank u sir. Question – They say every think is preplanned & you are just playing u’r character then what is the role of GOD.Why should we worship him & can he change our destiny ??

  • spkalsi

    There can’t be better and clear way meaning of money can be explained in Indian way.I am sure this made understood to people who govern us.I have seen your other TV shows on NDTV. Being a true and patriotic Indian you must somehow speak about money once a year in Parliament.You will help Anna’s cause.

  • madhavi venkatesh

    Sir ,

    Your books are so informative and give us so much insight into our Hindu mythology . Your latest book Shiva to Shankara is very interesting. My daughter Vani has of late developed a great interest in mythological stories and she has so many questions and doubts about various Gods and Godesses .And she wants to know why the Moon adorns Shiva’s head ?? I would like to be enlightened on this .

  • cura’12
    A National level Management Fest from School of Management,NIT Warangal

  • Rishiji
    The video is missing