• Rakesh

    Great show, please stop this stupid feather noise,its so annoying. the previous BusinessSutra was far more better, that lady anchor was nice , this guy is more disturbing.

  • Rahul Krishna Agarwal

    Dear Shri Devdutt,
    I really love your Programme Shastrarth on CNBC Aawaz.
    Are all the episodes available on CD?
    How can I order if available?
    Similarly Prof C P Bhutta of IIM-Calcutta teaches Management through Indian History and Mythology and I had a chance to participate in a Programme and loved it.

  • Vijay Mohan

    Can anybody on this earth tell me HOW CAN A BUSINESSMAN BECOME RICH without serving others through products/services . The richness is the award one gets through serving others.Does any businessman forces you to give his money to you.

    Speaker is silent on the capability which human has and animal does not , It is EXCHANGE/TRADE. Businessman attains wealth as a exchange.

    Once the speaker says , Inequality is natural , then he says Inequality is the problem.

    I would love to have a discussion with Shri Devdutt Patnaik


  • kirit mehta


    I enjoyed your program on cnbc awaz

    I need cds how can I get? what I

    have to pay pl guide me

    Kiirt Mehta

  • Ruchi Shrimali

    You mention that we teach our children to covet higher degree, attain higher position, earn more money. But we also teach them to say truth, respect honesty, respect elders. I don’t see Indian parents purposefully guiding their children any other way.

    What else do you suggest we should tell them about? How can we translate ‘values’ to children?