• Medha

    Listening this was a bliss!
    I have a question:
    Usually its said that Lakshmi/Narayani is the desire and Narayana the ‘fruit’ of that desire, so if we worship Narayani howcome we wouldn’t reach Narayana?

    • Kishor

      According to Bhagwadatam. Laxmi is in service of Lord Vishnu ( Vishnu means Lord Krishna) So praying Shri Krishna actuall can please Laxmi ! Keep chanting Hare Krishna !

  • gayathri

    I cant hear a single word :(

    • rajesh

      Gayatrhiji audio is clear i could hear it please recheck.

  • smishra

    Dear Mr Patnaik
    I read Mhabharat and pregnent king .I am son of great scholar .I left home in 1975 and I was not his contact .My father used to tell most of these stories and I do have interest in Indian Mythology .I miss my father after reading your book .He would have discussed with me .Most of mangement book gist , he used to ask me and then he will sow them in balmiki ramayan .
    I bit confused with Mandhata birth and timing , can you explain to me .
    Many Mhabharat prsang like Arjun son sacirifice was unknown to me .

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