• Gujjarputtar

    all three segments are same and poor audio. Please repost it.

  • gujjarputtar

    Thank you. Real nice. Devduttaji, good work. When the true brahmin will come out?

  • Gaurav Ahuja

    I didnt get it it when you said about being human rather than yaksha….Who is yaksha? and what is kuber’s story?

  • Dr.Sunil Parab.

    Respected Sir;
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge & ‘Sarasar-Vivek-Buddhi’. Your each interview, each paper article & each book is teaching us way of leaving, making us proud of our history & culture and also inspiring us to go in depths of mythology to learn more.
    Please keep guiding.
    Thanks & Regards.

  • Dr.Sunil Parab.

    the way of LIVING *

  • Deb Mukherjee

    Nice. Saw in CNBC also when it was broadcasted. Now watched again.

  • Ravi B L Gowda

    Dear Devdutt ji,

    What u said is right. I totally agree with u. Your books & article are really in tune with the present day happenings in society & work place. Continue your good work & keep enlightening people like us.

  • yogeshshah

    very good programme, indeed its a true,but we understand but does not follow….

  • Dear Sir,

    I got confused when you are talking about “Law of Equality” and “Law of Balance” in Nature. Are you saying this that there are no such laws (both) in nature or you are just mentioning that there is no Law of Equality in Nature ?

    Kindly make this point clear to me.


  • II Being Human II

  • Swapnil

    Today’s world need all these thoughts.
    I am requesting to you please do more advertisement of this show so more people can aware about it.
    I am telling all my friends about it :)

  • listening to you,confirmed my thought process.
    i felt too, that true leader is one who wants the other person to be stronger and taller than him.