My Work as Chief Belief Officer

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Chief Belief Officer was a designation created by the Future Group just to draw attention to the value of ‘belief’ in business. Modern Management Theory is based on the belief that objectivity and logic has all the answers to problems. Belief is subjective truth and is the cornerstone of mythology, and plays a key role in business. Belief can be religious as well as secular. My role is to draw attention to this invisible cultural lever that shapes our decision.

Belief shapes behavior which shapes business. Different beliefs is what makes Europeans different from Americans from Indians from Chinese….both Communists and Capitalists believe wealth will solve all of life’s problems….it never has, but they keep believing in it, destroying the world in the process first with the Cold War and now with the war against all countries who do not open up their markets to the West. 

  • Shrikant

    looks like a blank canvas that you are displaying as your work.. signed by your photograph :-)

  • B. Chittaranjan

    Dear Dr. Devdutt,

    Day by day I am deeply and greatly inspired more and more by your deep great work. Your coolness, calmness & patience gives the real meaning of a particular situation more fathomed and realistic and energetic.

    I read your article “Proactive Garuda”. Excellent. It compliments to my weakness.

    Thank you very much for your work.

  • rajat

    I was expecting Amitabh style voice but it is pleasant :D

  • showbhit chahal

    i heard you first time in an ashram at lonavala ; mandakni and you were the only two things i remember vividly and after that it never stopped , your ever book , ever statement i try to consume and believe me it has changed me a lot , whatever i have acquired , wisdom or way towards life ; whatever it is ! ; its spark was initiated by you by some god written destiny , thats my ‘belief’ …; please guide me that how shall i grow my new passion towards mythology and thanks for such wonderful tales everyday ! may god bless you !

  • Very interesting concept. Thank you for sharing it

  • Prasan

    I feel really happy to keep reading your articles as it helps me appreciate why i do things a certain way. Thanks for blowing the myth on the popular corporate mantra – “What cannot be measured cannot be managed”. I hope people at leadership positions in India take note of all these powerful thoughts and B schools include “Myth Theory” in their curriculum in future. Thank you very much.

  • Would like to contact you. Please give me your email id and cell no.

  • after realizing the importance of belief officer, i pitched in this idea to one of my customer and am actually going to start as a a belief officer for them. thanks dev.

  • Novel and interesting… would like to know more about it…

  • Roopa Krishnamurthy

    Dear Mr. Pattnayak,

    I’m one of many fans of your writings and style of expression. I was especially impressed with the idea of a CBO who keeps morals alive and instills the philosophy of customer service – an idea that you’ve eloquently impressed these upon the future group employees. Is there any reason then, why at the hands and feet level, the philosophy remains that of selling goods that are not in stock, just to meet sales targets, of promising delivery dates, and on the umpteenth follow up, confess that there is no stock and that the only piece they have is damaged, which they very kindly did not want to deliver, of promising a refund, and then on the umpteenth follow up/threat, insist that the money has been debited from their account, but refuse to mention the account number to which it has been credited. I know at least 4 families personally that feel extremely cheated at the way people wait on you hand and foot till you place and order, and become unavailable soon after. I must confess our experience has not been this bad with other such retail outlets. My only reason to tell you this is that things might improve if a person of your vision decides to create better channels for consumer complaints, and take people to task after analyzing the facts and figures and customer satisfaction surveys. Empty dining room, and empty bank balances stare at us till then. The older people are forced to sit on garden chairs to have their food, after we sold the existing dining set when we ordered the new one from Home Town. Sickening experience, nothing worse than a govt. office where they happily pass the buck.


  • Ananda Mishra

    I was exactly looking for this kind of role as i m a strong believer of spiritualism at work.CBO is very much suited to my ambition in life.I think it can be an integral part of HR in an organisation. I need your guidance to establish myself as a CBO.pLS HELP

  • I like your thoughts and beleifs – SJ

  • Kalyan

    It is really great news that this kind of development initiated in corporate world. It really add value to sevices or products. This profile will make one degree change in people’s current practice which like a trigger for a big change later on.

  • Bhalchandra

    My best wishes for your programme on CNBC awaz ||Shastrartha|| Your are great believer of our Sanskriti. Now a days this exactly require to produce the belief of our culture competing this fast moving world. Again I thanks God. Salute to India we have such a people which will keep our flag hosted all over the world. Jai Bharat, Bharat mata ki jai.

  • abhijeet deshmukh

    Dear Mr. Pattanaik,

    Its very creative and innovative of you to relate Indian scriptures to understanding todays business ethics and issues of daily life.
    I was reading a book “the alchemist” by Paulo Coelho which emphasizes the need for believing in the dreams that we want to be fulfilled. And unless we believe in them, the dreams are never going to be fulfilled.
    I am amazed by your expertise and innovation of making idea of ones belief, the core of your business model.

    Thank you so much for having so many wonderful and valuable insights and accessible to every body. I wish you all the success ahead.

  • Shefali

    Dear Devdutt
    Like many others, i too am on my journey to self-realization and i chanced upon your videos via fb share. I am so enthralled by the way you explain each point using a pertinent story from the texts. Totally amazing. You come with all your spiritual knowledge at a time when not just India, but the whole world needs it.
    Thanks for enlightening us.

  • R.Somasundaram

    Dear DevDutt,
    I enjoyed your articles, which made made procure the book “Jaya”. I thoroughly enjoyed the manner the epic Mahabharata is told, to suit the modern times, of human behaviour. Of course you have warned about the sexuality in the tale. Congratulations SOMA

  • aditi sharma

    sir can i plz hv ur email id….

  • Vishwapati Trivedi

    In your book Business Sutra on pg 63 you have said that Attreya Samhita allowed a person to become a Brahmin from after his birth. And Manu Smriti allowed domination. I do not find in the Attreya literature. And how do you conclude that the British followed Manu. Pl reply on drvtrivedi@gmail.com