Karta Yatra 7 Belief – Yajmaan Bhagwaan

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This is a series of 7 short films by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik, the Chief Belief Officer of Future Group, where he speaks at length about the role and responsibilities of a Store ‘Karta’ or a Store Manager.

The final film in the series talks about the ‘Yajmaan – Bhagwaan’ concept, wherein Yajmaan is the Karta or the decision maker and yajmaan is the Internal (his staff) and external customer. The Yajmaan’s success always depends upon the growth and happiness of the Bhagwaan.

  • Cherry

    so simply explained.. .Thanks to Mr. Devdutt.

  • Princess

    Beautifully explained big thing in a very simple beautiful words…will buy products of future groups… as so much of positive thinking of karta makes people grow.:)Thanks

  • Vinayak

    Amazing series! I seriously wish my manager watches, understands and implements the knowledge shared here and create a better team. But a very high possibility of he strongly believes that he can never be a karta.
    Thanks Devduttji.. Your books, articles, videos share a lot of knowledge which will definitely help building a better world.

  • Vani

    OMG i am addicted to u sir since 2 days … I am loving it.Bunch of thanks

  • By chance, got your Water in the Pot story and attracted towards your web site. Watched your interview with Sanjay Pugalia and other videos. Very good ideas exchange. Whenever you come out with new management mantras, do share with me.

    Good works!


    Tariq Siddiqui
    DGM-Corp Comm
    SPML Infra Limited