Karta Yatra 4 Behaviour – Yama Kama

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This is a series of 7 short films by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik, the Chief Belief Officer of Future Group, where he speaks at length about the role and responsibilities of a Store ‘Karta’ or a Store Manager.

Film 4 introduces human’s need for freedom and the domestication that is holding us back from achieving true happiness. Kama, the God of Love (Freedom, Creativity and Lust) vs. Yama, the God of Death (Accountability, rules). The Karta needs to behave differently with a balance of both Kama and Yama behaviour in self and others.

  • Chaitanya


    Any idea why many restrictions were placed on women during their periods? Is it just for the sake of providing them rest or is there any other explanation? Kindly throw some light on this issue.
    Awaiting your reply.

  • Cherry

    There is a problem with this vedio recording.. It stops after playing for 2.45 mins….

  • Giriraj Bhatia

    Great Video!!

    I had never thought about balance between creativity and accountability.

    Thanks for inspiring us regularly.

  • Premsagar

    We usually try to see if we can work the strengths of people so that he and others are going to benefit from it.
    When asking a process guy to challenge and think beyond, he will resist .
    When asking a creative guy to be process oriented weill alsoresist.

    We are asking them to work against their strengths.

    How is this productive?