Karta Yatra 3 Business – Happiness

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This is a series of 7 short films by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik, the Chief Belief Officer of Future Group, where he speaks at length about the role and responsibilities of a Store ‘Karta’ or a Store Manager.

The third film in the Karta Yatra series talks about how one should overcome fear of scarcity, achieve intellectual status and growth, and achieve joy and happiness. This is the concept of LSD (Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga) explained in a captivating manner for you.

  • Pradeep Mathur

    Dear sir,
    The series is very powerful & great.I am eagerly waiting for the next episode.
    However following is my opinion on some of the points covered in last leg of the video.
    a) We all may have infinite potential for “Durga (Empathy)“ but actually may or may not have it.
    Depending on the context & condition it may radiate from us like a “bulb” switched on or otherwise it remains latent or wish to be receiver rather than emitter of “Durga”
    Yes it is an art & human wish to let it remain illuminated for ever in everyone or atleast in the Karta.
    b) It’s not only Durga which on “giving one does not loose ..but also multiply “ infact Saraswati also having characteristics of not loosing but multiplying either in form of knowledge or wisdom of self /community.

  • Cherry

    nicely said … easy to understand.. thx

  • Damodar D Lele

    There is a Hindi doha:
    saraswatii bhanDaar kii baDii apuurab baat !
    jyon kharche tyon tyon baDhe bin kharche ghatii jaat !!

    Meaning that (unlike the stores of tangible things) the store of sarawatii (knowledge) is very unusual – on spending from it (giving knowledge to others), it grows; and not spending it diminishes (knowledge rusts, gets forgotten).

  • Rao

    Would like to know how Mr. Devdhut manages to bring people of various beliefs under one umberella? What difficulties are faced?