Karta Yatra 2 Business – The Promised Land

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This is a series of 7 short films by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik, the Chief Belief Officer of Future Group, where he speaks at length about the role and responsibilities of a Store ‘Karta’ or a Store Manager.

Here is the second film which talks about the seven key principles to survival. The Karta needs to be aware of his responsibilities and understand that everyone needs the promised land (no fear, no hunger, no thirst) and he should enable his team to get there.

  • Gokul

    The way Dr. Devdutta explains is so practical and reality, I love the content which is nothing but universal truth.


  • Vijay Krishna Bojja


    How do we differentiate between Promised land and LSD.

    I believe that sense of security and free from scarcity of resources may lead to development in Durga and Laxmi.

    As per the 3B model and Karta yatra 7 principles, i believe the business is only LSD(why promised land is needed?).

    Please help me to get clarity…