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Menaka Doshi of CNBC called me a few weeks ago and wondered if I would do a show on CNBC. Yes! I said. And then began my journey into this strange new world. I was so nervous before the camera but Menaka calmed me down and I think we put together a great show (3 episodes which includes questions from various business leaders, including Kishore Biyani). It will be telecast in June. Do check out the promos. And my illustrations. :-)

It will be telecast all June: Saturday 12 noon &1030 pm, Sunday 8 pm and Tuesday 530 pm

Promo 1 – On mythology providing frameworks

Promo 2 – on the 3B (business, behavior, belief) model

  • deepank

    Dear Devdutt,

    I am eager to watch your show on CNBC-18. Do you know by any chance, the date and time of the show in June?


  • Big Fan. Eager to catch u on TV. Now u can enlighten millions more.

  • mridul

    when is this coming on TV………….now i know ,u know possibly when …….so don’t say coming soon

  • Ankit Bhatnagar

    All the very best for this natural progression from books to the television screen

  • vijay

    just now saw your show in the TV…simply one word “awesome”..the story on bharatha was a good one !!!

  • Hi Devdat,
    I am your big fan, I do work with DHL largest Warehouse and workwith 150 Guys. Do you have any mythology which can tought us lession about handling customers.

    • Check leadership section…full of articles that may be of value….you have to choose what works for you.

  • Narendra Negi

    Hi Devdutt,

    I have read many mythological books and have used many of the thoughts while making any decision.You are rught that mythological stories are subjective truth and are guiding principle…

  • Hello Devdutt,

    When I read your articles in Economic Times- I was simply zapped by your perception of mythology. Your application of a mythological story to every-day practical life. This is simply wondrous thinking.

    I would be glad if you can start a separate section for Leadership for Small and medium entrepreneurs. This will benefit a larger number of people – as SME entrepreneurs form a larger population and maybe they need this more than corporate honchos.

    Keep up the awesome work!!!!

    Thank you for the enlightment you provide!!

    Vikas Kashikar

  • Surjeet Kumar

    Dear Mr. Devdutt,

    I saw repeat telecast of your program on Sunday. I was stunned the way you explained concepts so simply. I never saw business from that perceprion. Using our cultural heritage and knowledge to answers todays business environment was simply great. I just need one favour from you, have you written any book expressing similar views or is there any book available in market which I can refer to have much deeper knowledge of mythology to answer business questions?

    Thanking you in advance.

    Surjeet Kumar

  • Yogesh

    I picked up your book by mistake “Myths and mythos”- wonderful book and then read your otherbook ” the pregnant king” even better.
    Keep up the good work. Almostlike what Amar chitra Katha did when i was a kid.

    My only comment would be to keep yourself to the Indian audience.

    Great work and brilliant interpretation though our myths areopen for indivual interpretations.

  • Vishram Ratnuji Modak

    Respected Sir,

    Greetings, at the outset kindly accept my SUBLIME GRATITUDE for all your efforts to guide us in our Personal , Professional and Personal life.

    It’s truly great to find someone who believes in selfless action, needless to state your genial goodself is one of them.

    Since day one, I am an ardent reader and implementer of all your writings and on a personal level i was verily happy to see you in person guiding us on CNBC-TV on Business Sutras. Additionally i had and will be sharing all your teachings with all my friends and seniors.

    I had never read any MANAGEMENT BOOKS but i had always done and executed on the basis of Ramayan , Maharbharata, Bhagavad Gita, Holy Bible & the like for i do believe they are the BEST MANAGEMENT BOOKS.

    Needless to state, i had prayed to the Great God to SHOWER on you all your sanguine wishes and do continue to guide all of us whereby one fine day we all be GOOD HUMAN BEINGS.

    Take Care,
    With Eternal Respect & Godspeed Wishes,

    Vishram Ratnuji Modak.


  • Rohit

    Dear Dev,

    Saw your show on CNBC on Sunday,This is the first time I have seen such a wonderful concept OF Management(Last I read something like this in Count your chickens before they hatch A chaudhary) in Indian concept of mythology Kudos and great job I think you read a lot and in versity.Indian management is doing wonders around the world this is because of the values we have created.

    Great job.We need tousand of us like you in the Corporate sector in the field of this rat race so as to control the mechanism.LSD was really great.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Mahipati

    Dear Dutt,

    I was flipping through the channels yesterday and happened to stop at CNBC channel and I was suddenly swept off my foot and was stunned to hear your concepts around economy using Ramayana & Mahabharata examples. It was great feeling to have known you though this medium.

    I’m only certain that you will shine like a Dhruva Taara for ages to come in the world economic context.

    Wishing you all the very best.

    Mahipati Desai

  • Neena Prasad

    Dear Mr.Devdutt Pattanaik,
    Congratulations Sir,
    Your pgm on CNBC is coming very well . I am a reglar reader of your col in ET CD every friday . AS A CBO , you have indeed driven a point in us that any problem comes we’ll look up to you for a solution . Great going sir !!! . I just have a request as to whether your writings or your show on CNBC is available in the form of a book or a CD , if available kindly let me know.

    With Warm Regards,
    Neena Prasad

  • Saw your show on sunday (26.06.2010) late nite.
    Was stunned to see the presentation and the connectivety between the mythology and the modern business way of life.
    Has ignited my interest in this area.
    I have become your instant follower.

  • HB

    Good show .. Keep going on … I started it after couple of episodes later but still not that late … :) …

    Well Done … All The Best !!

  • HB

    Have always wondered what is the connection between our so long History (mythology) and its lessons or its value that we can apply in our modern Day to Day life … got the answer watching your show .. Hope this is just the beginning .. and much more to follow : )….

    Thanks to You and Menaka …

    Great Show .. good going … keep it up

  • Dear Dev,

    Hi! I work in Sudan. We dont get CNBC channel here. eventually saw your program on MYTV and was impressed. However,really doubt if I can see the same next week.
    Just a quick question, have you written any book on this subject. I would love to read it.

    Waiting for your reply


    • Devdutt

      Do visit to get access to all my books and articles.

  • subbarayan

    Its such an interesting TV talk show, which is inspiring, informative, a wealth of knowledge for in depth understanding of various aspects of life which includes relationship, business etc

    Half an hour is not enough, may be 1 hr, when an show is so inspiring, the urge to listen more is always there. Excellent presentation, thank you to all concerned for making this show, because it speaks about all aspects of life.

    My wishes to you Mr.Devdutt

  • Uday Krishna

    Hello Mr.Devdutt,
    I’ve been watching Business Sutra regularly. You have give ample guidance for the leaders, organizations etc. How would you relate mythology or a particular story to a startup? What are your thoughts on that? What do a nobody wanting to build an organization learn?
    I am a engineering graduate (no premier institute tag attached) planning to startup.

  • Mahima Mishra

    Hi Devdutt,

    I would like to appreciate the way you explain various organisational things in such a simple manner.

    Also hats off to your knowledge from various mythologies and thanks alot for sharing the same with us. Its really a wonderful and very interesting T.V talk.

    Keep going …


  • Tapen Kumar

    Dear Devdutt

    I was absolutely amazed when I first saw your telecast on cnbc tv18,and tried my best to watch all the episodes, there after. I will be collecting the cd of this programme to keep it as a reminder of your valuable research in the perspective of Indian outlook of business and its ‘sutra’ in our mythology.

    Please accept my sincere respects for giving our nation such a deep insight into our mythology and the Hindu way of life.


  • saurav

    Thanks for a brilliant season 1
    Pls let me knw how to procure the business sutra Season 1 CD pack !!!

    Hope there’s more of you in television !!!

  • L


    Brilliant show….was wondering if DVD’s is available

    • Devdutt

      Shortly by September

  • Jayanth

    Hi Dev,

    1) Articulated brilliantly

    2) Wonderful way of relating mythology to today’s business.

    Looking forward eagerly to the DVD’s.

  • Jayanth

    Please let us know if the DVD’s ara available and where we can get them

    • Devdutt

      They should be out any day now….

  • dileep raj

    Hello Dev

    Myself an aspiring entrepreneur, in search of inspiring subject and principles to lead my failures and weakness. I really come across the show on TV.

    Really great piece of work, inspiring,intelluctual.

    Wishing you all the best to lead india into sucess.


  • B.Lokanatha Reddy

    I started applying concepts

    of nature and culture while

    iam teaching Boilerwater treatment.

    I changed my self a lot with

    your Business sutra . Now iam

    able to decide which is good and

    which is bad. Regularly iam

    reading your content in web

    for mastering it


    B.Lokanatha Reddy


  • sir,

    I have a question regarding you. How did you learn mythology and that too after you are working in a professional company. How did you
    develop belief that business can be
    related Mythology.


    • Devdutt

      Experience….and pattern thinking

  • anbumalar

    dear friend
    quite impressed and astonished on seeing your Jugaadu expanation and MAY BE , during my flight to Spain.
    back in India now watching your sutras. a fresh new way of looking at .my best wishes for you.
    I need to preserve the episodes. can you please guide me to procure

  • Nikhil

    Somehow I came across ur videos on youtube. Even I have ordered the set of DVDs of the same. Thanks for sharing part of ur knowledge with us.

    I would be very thankful if u could tell me the career opportunities for a person who has a B.Pharm degree (means not any study in mythology), but having an ability and keen interest to think over any statement, with different perceptions.

  • I watched few episodes in youtube. But its not buffering well. Do you have text content of this Business Sutra?