Business Sutra 1: Corporations

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Telecast first on June 5 CNBC-Tv18

In the first episode we wanted to discuss what is the purpose of a corporation. Why does it exist? And is there a difference between corporations in India and those in the West? Wherefrom come these differences? I explore ideas of Happiness as well Strategic versus Tactical thinking and all this discussion leads one to wonder if professionalism is a good thing. Typically, no prescription is given. I believe in giving frameworks, the leader has to take the call.

Segment 1: On the Indian versus Western Context

Segment 2: On the concept of Happiness or LSD

Segment 3: Short-term or long-term thinking (professionalism or family business)


  • This is really interesting…now its time to on our daily life and on business… Salute to Shri Dr.Devdutt.

    Is there any books available on these topics?

  • Nitin

    Awesome thinking…Mr. Devdutt – I have become big fan of yours…I await to read each friday’s corporate Dossier Management Mythos…There is no comparison to your level of thinking and conviction…Your drafting is very lucid and direct which really captures reader’s attention to relate it to instances surrounding the daily life.

    Great Going and looking forward to have more interactions.

  • Murali


    The way you connect to our mythological stories is unprecedented. You are one of the best original thinkers of the century. Every time i read an article of yours, or watch a video, i introspect a lot. You are my GURU. Thank you so much for your contributions

  • Yogesh Juneja

    Amazing ….great going…..the way you explained ithas…Ramyana & Mahabharta …… was just too good

  • Devdutt,
    We are thankful to CNBC to showcase you. Your talks & thoughts are inevitable.

  • Dear Devdutt

    Oflate am watching your program in CNBC. Your sessions are quite impressive and would be very useful for people working in mid managment in corporates……especially your thoughts on leadership is an eyeopener for me.

    Anand Devata


    Dear Mr. Devdutt,

    I have been watching your program and I admit that I am addicted to it. They manner in which you relate business with mythology is simply mind blowing. If we can have a complete set of this series in a DVD, it would be simply great.

    Wishful thinking i guess!!

    Best wishes,

  • Jaideep

    Dear Dr Devdutt,

    Just a word to thank you for an excellent series. You have given mythology a new meaning. I wish some of our religious preachers could spread your message.

    All the best with your endeavours.


  • Pradip

    Devdutt’s analysis is awesome, he is a man of high wisdom. I am thoroughly impressed with his thoughtprocess, research.

  • uday

    please put all ur videos on line and make a formal announcement on CNBC show…..
    please please

  • Saurabh

    Thank you so much. I just saw your first episode and it’s amazing. It makes so much sense and definitely Indian way is far better than the western.

  • Respected Dr.Pattanaik,
    Thank you,Sir,for enlightening me.I find it difficult to follow your discourses by watching the videos once or twice.
    Would it be possible to get the texts of the episodes?

  • Dear Sir,

    Have watched most of your videos. I find your thought process and analogies quite fascinating and insightful.

    Believe organistions can benefit from your wisdom. Look forward to seeing more of you in the future


  • Sagar SB Sharma

    Its awsome.its great . i liked the every bit of this video and would like to learn more about this concept of business management. thanks a lot to Mr Devdutt and Ms Joshi for evrything.

    with best regards

  • Virendra Jain

    Man, you are the Krishna of today’s world. I was looking for someone like you who can explain the Indian historical concepts to the mordern world who doesnt believe indian epics and their living meachnism to live on this earth. You can teach this world based on your knowledge and understanding of epic and mordern world to a great extent where people can start thinking and believing in it. I am a Jain and as per jain mythology( as this is the wrong word to describe our epics as myth means unexperienced truth)this era people are vakrabuddhis which means they know very little but they are good in arguing. I would appreciate if you can read the Science of Jainism and explain this world what is the meaning of life and how you need to lead it.
    I am really impressed and would like to meet you someday probably if I am eligible to meet you.

    Wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

    VIrendra Jain

    • Devdutt

      Myth means subjective truth. :-) You may enjoy this articles based on Jain ideas. THE SILENT ONE

  • sanjay

    Dear Devdutt ji – I don’t know where u learnt so much….your program “business sutra” was outstanding.

    I missed quite a few and would request you for VCD if available.

    It is a treasure trove !

  • I use your videos in my teaching (university graduate level) to help future U.S. business leaders understand the cultural differences between our worlds, also the similarities. I appreciate so much your perspective, stories, and your expertise in the mythology. My students say the same.

    • Devdutt

      So so glad…..that is the whole idea…..

  • Sharma

    Using the word myth for Sri Mahabharat & Sri Ramayana is itself a sign of illusion and decades old slavery. We can’t see microbes on our hand that does not mean it is a myth or they don’t exist. You need to “Real-Eyes” as in Realize.

    Jai SiaRam

    • Devdutt

      You are assuming a meaning of myth that is considered outdated in most academic circles….good to update yourself

      • Sharma

        Devdutt, your work is commendable. Not criticizing your efforts, in fact happy and recommending it to others.

        I would not get into the argument of the definition of what is a “myth” (anyone can google it and if one has basic knowledge can determine it’s answer). I would not even bother much into what the current academic circles intellectual philosophy is. But, I would suggest if you choose to use the word myth, please explain the existential reality alongside (though it would be difficult). You would shine and be backed further by people with spiritual intellect rather than ones with mundane material intellect.

        What you are doing is great. Did not want to hurt your feelings or of other readers. Apologies if i may have.

        || Sarva Sathkritayasthu Mangalam ||

  • Pramod Rathi

    HI devdutta ji,
    I came to know abt you from my brother, gajendra. He is a big fan of yours and now me too. I would want you to publicize your work so that it reaches to maximum number of people. If you form a party(in politics) i am sure you will have great number of supporters.

  • really superb wonderful explanations.. in hindu mythology everything is there we have to anlyse and find the solutions from this.


  • Prad

    Hi Devdutt,
    You have helped me to understand important facts of life which were not at all clear to me all the while. It’s about discovering why we really exist.People urge their kids to watch Ramayan and Mahabharath as a story. But you have explained in simplified terms the motive of those epics and which direction we need to go(Dharma) and work on what “we are” rather than what “we have”. If there will be next season of business sutra, I would like it if you explain more on life of Lord Ganesh.

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  • Anonymous (I don’t want to disclose my gender or ethinic grp or any other identity decipherable from a Name

    HI Devdutt,
    I just saw one of ur CNBC’s business Sutra’s video link posted on FB by one of my friend and after watching the first few minutes, I ended up watching 3 episodes. I must congratulate you for such a beautiful insight. I loved it.
    I will get to the reason I am writing this comment. In one of the episodes you talked about Mahabharata and Ramayana (rules v/s dharma). I want to ask, can anyone (including Ram) do both the things at the same time i.e. uphold Dharma and follow rules. Aren’t sometimes these two processes, if I may call them that, conflicting (Dharma sankat)(the very fact that, as you would agree, Shri Krishna bent rules to upheld Dharma proves my point)? Aren’t rules there in the first place to uphold Dharma? is it possible to have rules which are not conflicting with Dharma?

  • Varun Shetty

    Incredibly interesting! Loved it!!

  • Sid Chakravarthy

    The videos are not available for viewing from the US. Can you please share it?

  • Cinmar Lighting

    Why am I unable to watch the videos in UAE and UK