Business Sutra 7: Environment

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Telecast on CNBC 17 July 2010

We all have been hearing about the environmental cost of industrialization and growth. There are demands for better regulations and more safety measures to prevent events like the BP oil spill. But no one is talking about curbing demands. Demands for more resources indicates growth. That is good. But it comes at a price – the destruction of the environment. And with the destruction of the environment, human society comes closer to its own destruction as we depend on environment for our survival. Any talk of being content with what one has is mocked as being ‘spiritual’ and not ‘practical’. It rings hollow when developed countries ask developing countries to restrain themselves. Media tells us what lifestyle the rich and famous have. Human rights tells us that we are all equal. And so we all want to be rich and famous. That demands resources. That demands the drilling for more oil and the mining for more minerals, increasingly the probability of disasters. Scriptures have warned us about this always. But modern management never bothered to check the wisdom therein.

Seg 1: Nature is destroyed when culture is created

Seg 2: Eventually Nature will prevail

  • pritam


    In the recent episode of Business sutra, you tried to explain how human and nature can co exist as long as need does not become greed.It was also very beautifully explained that human greed is infinite but nature is finite, yet in the end nature would prevail, if human greed results in over exploitation of nature, nature would blance it out thru maybe ” Pralay” and humans would be given another chance to learn from their mistake. I would like to understand how can finite nature prevail over infinite greed, infinite as we understand is limitless and endless, so anything which is infinite would always have the upper hand when there is a struggle between finite and Infinite. If SHIVA is Infinite and SHAKTI is finite, who prevails.


  • Annie Lobo


    Is a video available in the Market on Business Sutra

    • Devdutt

      Will be released in september by cnbc, if all goes well

  • Arun

    Slight correction – video tagged seg 1 is seg 2 and vice-versa

  • Arun

    I have been watching all your videos and they are superb.

    I have a question; Dint the fish because of whom the pralaya started saved the king in the last by taking the king safely in the boat through the flood ?

  • excellent

  • Indranath


    First of all its a great insight …

    However it starts a thought process inside —-

    As I understood —- it is a cycle from the first life (in itself) , its development to satisfy its needs (basic) and the needs rise (up the Maslow’s Need Hierarchy model) takes a shape of greed unknowingly and finally nature over rules and destroys to accomodate that greed (or highest need may be) and the cycle starts again….

    As a sequence, Need —- > Hope —- > Aspirations —– > Ambitions —- > destruction which happens and re-happens and keeps life moving.

    Isn’t it then when you try to limit the needs to move on to greed you stop your aspirations and it actually stops or may stop your life ? After all can any living individual (say humans) grow beyond his / her life or grows his / her life without growing him / her ?

  • lakshmi jayaraman


    have been watching your programme on cnbc not so regularly .Have any books been published on Business Sutra videc and other youtube short video.Will you be kind enough to update me on that information.

    • Devdutt

      No books…the CD will be released shortly

  • Debasish Dutta


    Great show (as usual). Your views on the story of Pralaya is really interesting and it forces one to think things from a completely different angle.

    However, I believe your conjectures on the story of goddess Durga perhaps needs a little revision because the image is not depicting a mother goddess slaughtering a buffalo to “feed her children” from at least as far as I know the story. During the battle the demon takes the form of a buffalo and attacks the goddess, the goddess jumps on the buffalo and by pressing on its neck with her feet forces out the demon from his disguise and kills the demon and this slaughtering of the demon was certainly not done for “hunger”.