Business Sutra 10: Finale

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Telecast on 7 August, 2010

This was the final episode of Season 1 (we are planning Season 2) in which we wanted to explore Indianness. This is a Future Group value. Belief in Indianness. Somewhere along the line, Indians have lost faith in themselves that there is wisdom in India and there is much to learn from Indian beliefs and customs. Somewhere along the line, we have allowed ourselves to become either defensive or apologetic. I believe that Indian ideas need to be seen through a fresh post-post-modern lens. The modern lens is very judgmental and looks at traditional thought in terms of right and wrong. The post-modern lens looks at all thoughts are being perspectives and does not respect any thought, be it traditional or otherwise. The post-post-modern lens looks at things in context appreciating the subjective realities of Indians and recognizing it as being different from those of other people. It is of value in some situations but not in all.

Segment 1: Desire vs. Destiny

Segment 2: Jugaad

Segment 3: Raas-Lila

  • Hari krishnagupta

    its really good its very good way to explain the complexity to simple explanation for Destiny Vs karma

    hari Krishna Gupta

    • R.Dinesh

      Dear Devadutt

      I have only seen couple of your presentations.

      I would say hats off. What else do we Indians require than the rich heritage that we carry?

      You explain things beautifully which can even be understood by a person who can just understand English.

      Would like more of it.

  • Dear sir,

    I love to hear your interpretation.



  • Apurva Gundecha

    I really learned a lot from all the episodes. there is so much confusion today about everything, but know one knows the truth and the logic and reasoning behind it. Im really curious for season 2, when is it expected to be telecast?? Pls come next year, because as of now we all need some time to apply all that we have learnt in season 1! :-)

  • amit kango

    Finally, I got break off from hectic work after i suffered cartiledge injury. On last sunday i watch all the episode. Can’t express in words believe me you interpreatation between mythology and humans core issue is true and give me the belief.
    I am eager and looking forward for season 2.
    it has been great learning for me.
    My heartiest thanks.
    P.S. Other day on youtube i found your episode are popular in indian youngster between 13 to 17. isn’t that great ?

  • Siddhesh Ghag

    Hello Devdutt,

    All your episodes have been fantastic, i like this statement “somewhere along the line, we have allowed ourselves to become either defensive or apologetic.” It is true, in todays society even if a lie is believed by many it turns into fact/truth, its about time that we Indians accept ‘truth’ about ourselves and harness it as our strength, we need to spread our values of duty, devotion and righteousness, we are 1 billion people, its not possible that we go unnoticed.


  • Neeraj


    I am a complete fan of your thought process and the way you interpret our mythology !! Hats off to you !!

    Thanks for your valuable ideas !!

  • vinita

    Almost sad that season I has come to an end. Would love to hear more from u. Why should there always be dichotomy / dualism…whether it is Karma and Kaama, Destiny and Desire, Village and the Forest, the left side of the brain and the left side, Shiva and Shakti…and so on??? Is dualism essential to life as we understand it?

    • umang

      I think there’s an underlying unity in all these. The fact that one would not exist without the other (in all cases) signifies this.
      Devduttji’s comments would be more enlightening on this matter.

  • Saurabh Khatri


    I have followed all episodes of Business sutra, and it is a awesome series. I love the strategies of organizations are explained as narrative stories. I am eagerly waiting for season 2.

    Saurabh Khatri

  • Amit Jain

    Thanks for the wonderful journey, all episodes of BS were like nirvana.

    Hungry for more.


  • Piyush Patel

    Very insightful interpretation of Indian Mythology. Beautifully simplified.

    Thank you very much Sir!

  • Dear Sir,

    I had listened more than 10 videos of Business and Indian Mythology. All are fabulous and explained very nice the fusion of Business and Indian Gods and Goodness stories. And all are very similar to the Organization strategics with graphics and formalization with very relative fuzzy logic.

    When I heard it always inspire me to more interest in Business and to become entrepreneur with applying your inspire. Everything easy to understand and how to apply for Healthcare IT future .

    Thx and look hear from your comment

    Best Regards,
    Gunjan Patel

  • where can i get complete season1 of business mythology in cd form or book form?

  • Wow fabulous. I liked all of your videos. You Rock Sir.

  • umang

    Just finished watching all the series, and ordered one of your DVD’s for my brother back in India.
    I have been wondering why there’re no critic/critiques in the comment sections. Is criticism not approved/welcome here?

    Thanks for the wonderful knowledge.

  • Sir, I am a true fan of yours. Surprisingly in the past few years I had been implemting some of your thoughts and kept on thinking if I was right. And you just proved me I was right. The selection of each and every piece of your words opens to a new dimension of thoughts. Its a treasure chest you have opened, some will gain from this others will remain ignorant trying to be oversmart. With your explanation, the world seems soo untangled, every thread has been properly sorted out. Its a whole new prespective. Cheers to you !!

  • Sandeep

    Hi Devdutta.
    I love to hear when you talk and these series of programs have helped me a lot in my business curriculum,you are definitely distributing ‘gyan’.
    How I wish you could provide some insights on love,how to manage relationships successfully..
    Looking forward to your reply

    • Devdutt

      Principles remains same for business and relationships

  • shashank

    Hi Devdutt sir, i watched all the episodes of business sutra . The concept of this show is very unique ,while watching mahabharat and ramayan on tv ,i think no body would have thought that how it can applicable in business . I am very eagerly waiting for season 2

  • sachin

    Respected sir Devadutt
    I have only seen couple of your videos I like that the way you give the vision to people
    I would really thank you for be part of your life as viewer but You explain things beautifully which can even be understood by a person who can just understand English.
    My mother Tung is Mrathi I understand your videos but not in deep so please let me know what can I do
    Im BFA in fine artist in Drawing & painting I really inspire by your illustrations how can be a good illustration can I do.
    I would like to thanks for remind me who I’m it’s doesn’t Matter but what is in side me it matter
    I would like asked something if your permission ……………?
    My email id
    Thanks for your valuable ideas

  • pranitharao

    devdutt sir gud evg..way of ur explanation is verygood.comparing to the present humanlife system,past our indian traditional system is very nice..

  • venugopalraopatwari

    devdutt sir namaskar..aap ka episodes mujhe bahut achha laga.particularly thanks to cnbc a days bahut logonko purane apne ithihaas nahi malum..u r explained very well.i hope aage bi aapke aise programme aate honge.iska bi kuch jaankari hame mail kariye..aur aap ka c.d’s bi muje chahiye..please give me address,phone numbers..wish u all the best..

  • Taksh

    I really Admire your way of looking in mythological stories and idea behind it.Once upon a time I was very inclined to the science n hated the traditions and scriptures(just because they didn’t explained like this before),So I was against the Hinduism n the religious stuff n its Hippocratic followers.but I like the meditation so I was(also now) a supporter of Buddhism.The changing of my mindset must be dedicated to two person.H.H.Sri Sri Ravishankarji(Founder of Art of living) n you. :)

  • Hats off to you. I watched all 10 seasons and the way you presented Mythology in context of business and more importantly a person – is wonderful.

  • Veer


    I loved your talks.

    It is amazing to see that the western thinkers are ‘finding’ these management concepts through decades of studies.

    i request you to write a management book, which can be applied in the Indian context.