• respected doctor,

    i had seen an advertisement of your book myth=mythya. the narration given
    indicated that you have a collection of trivia of mythology. few days back i purchased this book alongwith mahabharat. the narration in ad. were completely misleading .
    on first sight of books i become fan of the storey teller with a difference. then this interview gave insight .
    my birth religion jainism is hardly discussed . buddhism hogs the lime light. i am happy you have given some views expressed in jain literature about mahabharat.how about some work on jain mythological stories. there are hundreds of them

    you are really devdutt , a gift from deva to india.

    please donot stop.

    • Devdutt

      My book Jaya makes many references to Jain retellings of the Mahabharata….

  • Aseem Seth

    Dear Rishi Ji,
    2 objective truths-

    Trivialising storytelling to mere entertainmnet – spelling mistake


    Storytelling link is identical

    I seek your approval