Chief Belief Officer

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Mythology constructs beliefs, and beliefs impact behavior which in turn affects topline and bottomline of the organization. Hence, CBO!

  • Sanjay Tiwari

    Hi Dr Pattnaik,,

    It was a pleasure listening to you during the last two interactions ( one at Crossroads office ,another one at our office- I work with Future Generali)–Your insights and interpretations of the mythology is amazing -and so very practical!!!

    Look forward to many more such interactions..

    Best Regards
    Sanjay Tiwari

  • Anil Dogra

    Dear Devdutt ji, I congratulate the Biyani family, for thinking so much ‘Out of the Box’, so as to appoint a CBO. They must have earned and accummulated lots of good karm, to be able to reach such heights, and still think so ‘basic’.
    Being a Smallest Vendor to multiple Clients in Private and Public Retail, I see lots of things which the Managers lack. And I know it because of their and their parents experiences in the ‘past economic scenarios’. With the economy slowing down, I think, people like you will make them more ‘Grounded’ in every which way, and they shall have more patience , time and willingness to absorb and then try and implement.
    Best Regards,
    Anil Dogra
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  • I Jairaj

    It is a very futuristic strategy on the part of the Future group to fall back on our past for the path forward. All the best in your new assignment. However please continue to enlighten readers like us.Regards

    I Jairaj

  • Dear Dr. Pattnaik
    I have recently come across your site on the recommendation of my friend. With myself believing greatly in the power of the Indian mythology, I myself have been seeking to enrich my personal knowledge with these stories and learn from them.
    As a kid, I used to read Amar Chitra Katha and developed a deep interest in them as story forms. I never realized till maybe over the last 2-3 years (out of my 28 odd years of awakening) that somewhere, Indian mentality has emerged out of these tales we have grown up with or our parents have.
    For my own self, trying to read more and more of these tales through the web, wiki etc. has become a regular task – as and when I get access to these. Now that I have come across your site, I am seeking more thrill that I found what I Was looking for. I do not know whether you have very good sources from where you have been referring to these tales, but I am considering you as a good source for my own references.

    Given that you have this new role, esp. with the Biyani team, their thinking shows a huge leap of faith in doing something as simple as relating to beliefs and running business based on that. I congratulate you on this role and also look forward to some changes coming through in the future group strategies.

    I in fact want to know if Future Group would do something about the waste it generates out of it’s retail chain stores. Would the belief system that has been constructed by mythology be able to address this?

    Wishing all the best to you with the Future :>

  • I congratulate you on being the first one to bring the Indianess to Management. In simply trying to run after what worked in the west, we forgot the treasure of wisdom lying in our backyard that if used can beat all the modern half baked theories.


  • Gr8 stuff, You rock, not only because u have gr8 understanding of these stuff, but because sharing it with everyone!!

  • milind bansod

    i was really surprised to know that there can b such designation as belief officer

  • i watch it for the first time on cnbc tv unbeliable it is like modern preacher must required for modern generation
    manoj shrivastava

  • Ankita Suri

    I am just glad to know that ur interest in mythology is being utilized and the effort is paying u back… Wish u a happy life!! :)

  • Rajesh Mittal

    It is remarkable that you have been doing immense research on the
    “connect between religion & business”. I carry a slight disconnect
    after reading you- is it belief or values that shape behavior or does
    belief impacts values

  • Rajesh Mittal

    business or commerce carry many aspects- value/wealth creation being on top. wealth is seen as part of maya or illusion which we need to shun in order to merge with supreme- religion is seen to be helping in stepping aside maya. is it not contradictory that beliefs ( germinated chiefly thru religion) shapes behavior which, in turn, shapes good performance thereby more wealth.

    on a separate note, I was deeply impressed by your narration on “loyalty to state or person thru Lakshman”- being loyal to Ram or Ayodhya…