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Don’t ask me that question!


In modern management, we are supposed to look at people only as a set of skills. We hire them for their skills and we pay them for skills provided. Period. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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The Glamorization of Alcohol


When the gods churned the ocean of milk, amongst the many treasures that emerged there was a lady called Varuni, daughter of the sea-god Varuna, who was the goddess of wine. Actually goddess of alcohol, but wine sounds so much better than alcohol.

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That Delightful Honeymoon


In the mouths of political celibates, the word ‘honeymoon’ can become vulgar. But the word itself is full of tenderness, anxieties and aspirations of newly weds.

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Reverse Love


It is a case of ‘reverse love’, or what the scriptures refer to as ‘vipreet-bhakti’, a state where you hate the enemy so much that you think about them all the time and it ends up being dedicated devotion.

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Hating Wendy


In response to the decision of Penguin to withdraw and pulp Wendy Doniger’s book “The Hindus: An Alternative History”.

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