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From North to South


The Puranas are full of stories that speak of movements from the North to the South. It is never clear if these movements from North to South are physical, or metaphorical.

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Many Gitas


While Gita popularly refers only to Bhagavad Gita, there are many ‘Gitas’ in Indian literature.

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Footprints of Pilgrims


The idea of Bhaarat is an ancient one, known to every Indian. It is not a political entity, but it is certainly an economic entity well known to pilgrims and traders.

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Hearing Sita’s Silence


Draupadi screams for bloody vengeance and we valorise her. Sita bears the brunt of Ram’s rule-following and she makes no sense to us. But Sita is not a victim, she is a sage. Take her away and there is no Ramayana.

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