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The Indian sphinx


There is no Sphinx in Indian mythology, except in South Indian temple traditions. Here, they appear as purusha-mriga, or the human-beast.

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They Held Many Shields


Ancient Buddhist traditions tolerated transgenders; many Hindu traditions still have them linked with deities. A fluid sexuality was a way of life for Indic culture.

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Waiting for Ram

The three rock outcroppings that represent Vaishno Devi

At her abode in the caves of Jammu, the Goddess manifests herself as three outcroppings of rock which represent its three forms Maha-Lakshmi, Maha-Saraswati and Maha-Kali.

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God in Indian history


So questions are raised: is Hinduism polytheistic (many gods), monotheistic (one God), pantheistic, monistic, henotheistic or kat henotheistic?

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