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Saviour of Worthy Women?!


If, as Krishna he saves a woman, as Parashuram he punishes a woman for a mere slip and as Ram he treats a woman unfairly for no fault of hers, why did the sages construct this complex narrative?

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Travelling from Thought to Thought


The ritual called the yagna was a journey that enabled the performer to travel to the realm of the gods, the realm of ideas, and experience ecstasy and immortality that was in short supply in the mundane world

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Readymade Babies


Lately, we are hearing a lot about these new ways of baby making. Makes us think – depending on who we are that either the world is becoming very modern or everything is collapsing.

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Hindu, not Homophobic


In Hinduism, God is both outside and inside, formless (nirguna) and of myriad different forms (saguna): mineral, plant, celestial body, animal, half-animal, half-human, male, female, even half-female.

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