Myth Theory

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That Delightful Honeymoon


In the mouths of political celibates, the word ‘honeymoon’ can become vulgar. But the word itself is full of tenderness, anxieties and aspirations of newly weds.

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The Good Death


Euthanasia means a good death and is a term used for an old or sick person voluntarily choosing death to relieve himself/herself of pain and suffering either by refusing treatment, or by asking the assistance of a doctor to facilitate his/her death either actively (administering a poison, for example) or passively (not administering a treatment, for example).

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Mother Brahmi


In Jain mythology, the first Tirthankara, Rishabha, who brought civilisation to humanity, had a daughter called Brahmi and she is said to have invented writing.

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Masculine and Feminine Leaders


The male brain and the female brain are really not structurally different but one is drenched in testosterone and the other is drenched in oestrogen and so there are bound to be differences in how men and women react to crises. Upbringing and education contributes to differences.

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