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How we read mythology


To appreciate Hindu mythology, we have to agree to Hindu assumptions. That is difficult since the modern world is firmly based on Western assumptions.

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Dark Clouds Looming


The darkness was associated with the forest and fairness with the rain, darkness with wilderness and fairness with civilization. One was not better than the other. Both were needed for the circle of life.

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The Hijra Legacy


The Supreme Court of India has finally recognised hijras as the third gender. This must be seen as a victory of ‘Indian culture’.

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The Glamorization of Alcohol


When the gods churned the ocean of milk, amongst the many treasures that emerged there was a lady called Varuni, daughter of the sea-god Varuna, who was the goddess of wine. Actually goddess of alcohol, but wine sounds so much better than alcohol.

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The Good Death


Euthanasia means a good death and is a term used for an old or sick person voluntarily choosing death to relieve himself/herself of pain and suffering either by refusing treatment, or by asking the assistance of a doctor to facilitate his/her death either actively (administering a poison, for example) or passively (not administering a treatment, for example).

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