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Don’t ask me that question!


In modern management, we are supposed to look at people only as a set of skills. We hire them for their skills and we pay them for skills provided. Period. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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What Is ‘Indianisation’ Of Education?


What we choose to teach our children reveals our prejudices and our hierarchies: it shows us up - what we consider to be true and worthy knowledge and what we dismiss as irrelevant and false - whether we are parochial, global or cosmic in outlook.

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Never-complete and Ever-Changing truths


The world is constantly changing. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing is fixed. Seasons change. Societies rise and fall. Contexts change. Reasons change. Values come and go. Meanings shift. So ‘the truth’ is never complete and always changing.

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Pink Things to Good People


We are conditioned to believe the mythology of ‘fairness and justice’ popularized in recent time, and yet despite the complex of well-meaning laws, bad things continue to happen to good people.

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Cradle of Monotheism


When empires came into being, emperors believed their god was the greater god, and he was the chosen man, and his people were the chosen people.

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