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Dial-a-Book is a service that let’s you order all types of Books over the phone  They accept Cash on Delivery in Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta, Jaipur, Ahmedabad & Hyderabad. You can order books across India. Call 09650-457-457

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Books available are

1) Jaya – Rs 425/-

2) Myth=Mithya – Rs 200/-

3) The Book of Ram – Rs 250/-

4) 7 Secrets from Hindu Calender Art – Rs 250/-

5) Shiva To Shankara – Rs 275/-

6) The Book of Kali by Seema Mohanty – Rs 250/- (Illustrations by Dr Devdutt)

7) Devi – An Introduction – Rs 395/-

8) Hanuman – An Introduction – Rs 395/-

9) Lakshmi – An Introduction – Rs 395/-

10) Shiva – An Introduction – Rs 395/-

11) Vishnu – An Introduction – Rs 395/-

12) The Pregnant King – Rs 225/-

13) Hanuman’s Ramayana – Rs 135/-

To order call/sms 09650-457-457 or email: talk@dialabook.in

  • whatsinaname

    Dutt saab,

    Thank you very much for introducing this service. Lot of publishers did not stock all your book.

    Jai ho

    • whatsinaname

      correction: not publishers but bookstores, both online and offline.

      • Sanjay

        Most of the books are available at http://www.flipkart.com at cheaper rates. The delivery take about 3-4 days.


        • GuruM

          I tried to order via flipkart, amazon, bookadda, dial-a-book, but all had ‘Lakshmi’ and ‘Devi’ titles as ‘out-of-stock’. amazon/bookadda made me wait for a week or so before refunding.

          Finally tried the publisher website (vakils). Apparently you can order online via credit card payment. Will try to order and give details here.

  • Do you plan to publish Book “Jaya” in Hindi also?

    • Devdutt

      No Hindi publisher has shown interest yet but yes, I am interested

  • Sid Jaiswal

    Sir can u tell me the a Library in Mumbai where all of your books are available ..