Hanuman’s Ramayana

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Valmiki has barely put his pen down after completing his magnificent creation, the epic Ramayan, when he realises he has competition. The sage Narad tells him that there is a better Ramayan, written by Hanuman. Valmiki is devastated! And when Hanuman sees Valmiki so upset, what does he do?

Tulika’s series Our Myths explores the plural and regenerative quality of stories from mythology that have come down generations. As the story of Hanuman’s Ramayan unfolds, humorously and gently, so does the idea that there is no one version of the well loved story about Ram, Sita, Hanuman and Ravan, but many – a fundamental comment on the nature of all myths. A story belongs to no one person. It can have as many forms as there are tellers, it can grow and change, and each time it makes us see it afresh. Here, the quirky illustrations based on the style of Mithila folk paintings tell their own story!

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  • Is this a new book of yours? Also, just this weekend I had a spat with my Dad when I mentioned that the Chalisa translation states that Hanuman is an avatar of Shiva. My Dad, a vaishnavite, lost his temper stating this as blasphemy. To me, avatars, relationships help tell a story but don’t at the least take away from our learning…and yet I struggle with this struggle of ‘right’ versus ‘wrong’ that inflicts Hinduism. There is a right way and everything else is blasphemy… why such limited tolerance…

    • To allow other truths is love…..it takes time to love…give people time

      • Rao C

        Dear sir,
        Just wondering other truths or other’s truth.In my opinion there can be only one ‘truth’ but people can have different truths,One should have as you said Love and tolerance to accept the other’s truth to keep harmony.I may be wrong just thought to share.


  • “To allow other truths is love…..it takes time to love…give people time”

    very well said Dev.

    I want to share something which my father told me long time back. As a kid I repeatedly used to ask him if all the stories about Gods, Ramayana, Mahabharata are true and this is what he said.

    For a beginner or some one who is struck , it’ always easy to communicate the teachings of life when it is interwoven with stories. Stories stays with us for long and with time(maturity) the essence also emerges.

    I am 42 and I still remember it.

  • You have presented a new fact about Ramayana.Humanaji is the greatest selfless devotee of Shri Ram.

  • D.Sampath

    i have been taking models of rituals from
    ramayan(laksman rekha crossing), ashtavakra geetha(conversation between a mendicant and saint)and ganga myth(leave your favourit obsession).
    i am now a director in pegasus a trainig institution.your presentaionis very appropriate to the new generation.chief belief officer in future group is a break through for us indians.i have been taeching, training and consulting for many years following the same precepts.. but you will show case it to the world..

    way back in the 80’s with Dr Garg we did a mythology lab , i have personally got in touch with my identity in the myth of virabdra through a dream..

    so mythological figures as frozen archetypes are alive and to tap their energ fpor commnitie’s good people like you are required
    may god give you many years of active life…

  • Truly a new insight on Ramayana. There are some very ardent Vaishnavites who think that Hanuman is not a true Devotee of Rama since he deicided to stay over to preach Rama’s Katha for following generations thru his Rama Bhakti. Hanuman thus disobeyed Rama who invited everyone including Hanuman to follow him to attain Moksha by joining him and going into the Sarayuu.

    On the other hand, there is a popular Karnatic classic song sung during many weddings in South India – “Seetha Kalyanam Vaibhogama” composed by Thyagaraja. The composer puts himself in the “padhukas” of Hanuman and composes this song as if Hanuman himself was present at the wedding of Seetha and Rama!! The Song begins – pavanaja stuti pAtra pAvana caritra….

  • ashok gupta

    i wud like to buy this boook immidiately i m based in delhi pls tell me where to buy itr from

  • Harini Dave

    Hello Sir,
    I am really very exicited for Friday’s because on Fridays I can read your articles in Corporate Dossier and let me tell you that they are very profound and gives a very good insight about our mythological side and simultaneously the way you relate it to the current Business scenarios its amazing.

    Kindly suggest few books which can give such insights.

  • vinita

    i am going to buy this book. hope it is available in book stores and not just with tulika publishers.

    i like what u said abt. books opening up different dimensions to different people based on their inner worlds. picassa said something similar abt his paintings. there is no one painting…like there is not one book…it depends on which angle of light that is visible to u from wherever u are…and what u “see” in the picture / book. So it one not one picture / book but many many pictures and books born out of one. i am looking forward to pictures in your book. i love hanuman…and would like to know what dimensions u open up.

  • Niraj

    Devduttji,, I have small question.

    Were the people who indulged into slave trading and husbandry called asuras in ancient india? What are the possible meaning of asura according to you?

    • Devdutt
    • gujjaraputra

      read sixteen chapter of bhagvadgita.

      We the human are asuras.

      Asuras are with dambh, darp, abhiman etc., constantly burden with worries and thinking of them selves.

      First 3 shlokas are for Devi qualities rest depics beautifully about fiendish personalities that still we enumerated even now.

  • Renu Soman

    What are your comments on the premise of the movie ‘INCEPTION’, starring Leonardo di Caprio? About planting ideas and dream travels like in time travels? Looking forward to your comments…

    • Devdutt

      Anything is possible

    • sunil

      Read about the Mother by Satprem,you will get all your answers.

  • Vivek


    I am currently in the US and read that you have written the mahabharata (Jaya) in an abridged form. I tried to order the book from amazon but the book is not present there. Please let me know when it is available for sale in the international market.

    I do have a question for you. According to the caste system, brahmins are the highest among humans. Then come the khatriyas, vaishyas and shudras. I believe God has not differentiated this among his children. Why dont people just accept all as equals?

    • Devdutt

      Every culture has hierarchy expressed in different ways….in India there were traditionally two methods: varna and jati…..and like all things they began with noble intentions and ended up being horrific…that is when they have to be discarded or redefined….when there is no measuring scale, all things are equal…but when there is a measuring scale, everyone is different, some rating higher and some rating lower….what we do with the ratings is up to us.

      • Shankara Rajan

        I thought that no one can be born into a caste. Are not Brahmins refered to as “Dwaja” – twice born, on account of the fact that one becomes a brahmin and is not one by birth?

  • Priyank

    Dear Devdutt ji
    Could you please let me know where can I find the Gujarati edition of Hanuman-Ramayan


  • Arun Sreekumar

    The link given at the end of the article to buy the book is in the language Tamil.

    For the english edition here is the correct link

  • Kapi

    Hi Devdutt,
    hanuman’s version was written on bananna leaves – could this be of any significance to ramayan itself?

  • B.Lokanatha Reddy

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    B.Lokanatha Reddy

  • Dear Devdutt,

    I have a query, In South India it is said that the Hanuman (Ramayana), Bheema (Mahabharata) and Madhwacharya(Philosopher who tought Dvaita (dualism)) are the incarnation of Wind God Vayu. Can you throw some light on it?

  • vipul kaswala

    hi i want to know why hanuman ji wearing only one ring(kada) in him leg? plz reply