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  • sabarikumar.b.s.

    hai devdutt,
    your programme is good in cnbctv18 and you are giving a different dimension for Mythology and hinduism.

    Now i request you to change corporate leaders mind, since they are all becoming money minded in all sectors specially Hospital(health care),education. Both are selfless profession but today it is entirely going in a opposite direction which is not good for our country.

  • suniel

    can i get ur books in e-book format

    • Devdutt

      Unfortunately not yet

      • Badri

        I got the book “Jaya” and gave it to my children. They liked it very much. I am buying the book on Ramayana today. Do you have plans of writing about Greek/Roman history for Children? If not, I request you to consider the same for the benefit of our young children.


        • Sampa

          Jaya is a beautiful book :) I got it at a time when my TV was not working and I had not got the time to make a purchase. I used to spend my evenings after office reading ‘Jaya’. I had got it from Bhubaneshwar airport while returning from my vacation at home this year. Such a beautiful and different perspective of the Mahabharata!! I had missed your session at ISB Hyderabad during Solstice 2009 and everyone I met said you missed the best part of the evening!! When I read Jaya I realized what I must have missed.

          Keep writing and providing us your perspectives!!

  • Tajesh Kumar


    I buy my books online at – why dont you have a link to them also, their prices are the lowest.

    • Devdutt

      Will do now that you have pointed it out

  • Sam

    Mr Devdutt,

    Big Fan!!! I pre-ordered Jaya at Penguine website they routed the order through but was canceled due to non-availability. Landmark takes 30-45 days to delver. So sad, can’t read your must-be-brilliant work. Please suggest a way out.


    • raja

      Hi Sam…did u check at

      • Sam

        Just Ordered it on flipkart they are pormising delivery in 3 days. Let’s see if I get lucky. Thanks for your reply Mr Devdutt.

  • Bharat

    Hi DevDutt,

    I am a big fan of your work.
    I would like to know if there is any way that I can get the books that are out of print.


    • Devdutt

      Check with Dial a Book 09650-457-457

  • Srinivas

    Hi DevDutt Ji,

    As usual this is yet another big fan of yours..

    I have 2 questions..

    1) Why did CNBC stop the Business Sutras program. Are they going to telecast season 2. If yes then When??

    2) What is your educational background. How did you get this much of knowledge on epics and almost entire world mythology. You are a versatile!!!!… and intellectually realized person.

    • Devdutt

      Business Sutra season 2 will air in 2011….:-)

      • admirer

        Dear “Bharat ke Robert Langdon” (BKRL) ji Looking forward for the Season 2 eargly…you rock…!!!

  • Shrinivas

    Hi DevDutt Ji,


    I got recently this book from It is very interesting and thought provoking. I am wondering if you have any plans to translate this into regional languages, specifically in Telugu ?


    • Devdutt

      No translations yet….unless a publisher approaches me :-(

  • Abhi

    Hello Mr. Dutt,

    Great work…

    Any chance of getting your books
    in pdf/Amazon kindle/Apple ibooks

    If yes, when can we expect e-books.

    Best Regards,


  • D.G

    Hello mr Devdutt,

    I saw you on program -One life to love on NDTV. I really liked the way your explaned the significance of both the godesses saraswati and Laxmi in our lives.I look forward to read your books in future.
    Do you believe in astrology? Do you believe that astrologers can accurately predict our future and one should follow their advice and consult them before taking every important step in life ( like marraige compatibility , job , business etc )? after all they are not god.Please give your views.


  • Priya

    I am interested in buying the books in ebook
    format too. Please do consider !!

    • Devdutt

      Please call the number given

  • amit agarwal

    pls sir hindi bhashi logo ke liye bhi apni books uplapdh kijiye.

    • Sedwal, Bajrang lal

      I would like to read your books in Hindi language. Pl. upload some book on website.
      Send your contact no. for discussion. My mobile no. 09414640020

  • Reader

    1. How this entire concept can be brought as part of education..Can you please guide?

    2. Also, wanted to know if I can translate these books into Marathi..

  • Benudhar Sahoo

    Sir, from the corporate world you changed to mythology, No doubt, This was a risky step,I want to know what is the cause behind it,I had seen the power with you to change,

    Biyaniji may seen this in you…

    But continue with others too….

  • nayana

    Loved, Jaya – spiritually and practically insightful without being preachy.Gave us a balanced view of the epic. Also, the drawings! Is there anything you are not good at!

  • Rohit Tulshyan

    Dear Sir,
    Is their a place where i can buy shastrarth Videos or any book written on it. The show is really inspiring.

    Thank You.

  • Abhijit Pani


    I am in the UK and I would like to buy the books you have published. Can you kindly tell me how do i do that ?


    • Devdutt

      Please call the number on the homepage….they will organize

  • Rekha

    Hi sir,

    I have read all the books which you have written except children’s.
    The Pregnant king and Jaya are just amazing. I couldn’t keep the book down until I finished them.

    What is your next book on and when is it getting published?


  • Ana

    Please do come out with Kindle editions!

  • GuruM

    I tried to order via flipkart, amazon, bookadda, dial-a-book, but all had ‘Lakshmi’ and ‘Devi’ titles as ‘out-of-stock’. amazon/bookadda made me wait for a week or so before refunding.

    Finally tried the publisher website (vakils). I was able to order online via netbanking. They post by normal post so max. 15 days delivery time.
    There are many options for payment credit/debit card etc.

  • Mohit Handa

    Please issue books in Hindi . Please please Please please Please please