The Book of Ram

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He is Eka-vachani, a king who always keeps his word; Eka-bani, an archer who strikes his target with the first arrow; and Eka-patni, a husband who is eternally and absolutely devoted to a single wife. He is maryada purushottam Ram, supreme upholder of social values, scion of the Raghu clan, jewel of the solar dynasty, the seventh avatar of Vishnu, God who establishes order in worldly life.

Hindus believe that in stressful and tumultuous times chanting Ram’s name and hearing his tale, the Ramayan, brings stability, hope, peace and prosperity. Reviled by feminists, appropriated by politicians, Ram remains serene in his majesty, the only Hindu deity to be worshipped as a king.

This book, written by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik, one of India’s foremost mythologists, explores the relevance of Ram in modern times by looking at him as:

  • Ramayan’s protagonist
  • Dashrath’s son
  • Vishwamitra’s student
  • Sita’s husband
  • Lakshman’s brother
  • Hanuman’s master
  • Ravan’s enemy
  • Ayodhya’s king
  • Vishnu’s incarnation
  • Valmiki’s inspiration
  • Hindutva’s icon

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  • anil shastri



    I am a regular reader of your articles in Corporate Dossier in the Ecconomic Times every friday. Infact I read corporate dossier for your articles.
    I am looking forward to your book on Lord Ram.

    Best Wishes,

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  • Hi Devdutt, its Raghu from Mysore. I loved your previous book ‘The Pregnant King’. I look forward to read ‘The Book of Ram’. Well, I have a question regarding Rama which I am sure you will answer easily. Please visit my blog post which contains that question of mine. Following is the URL of that blogpost


    Thanks, Bye.

  • hema

    I bought your book this weekend. I am awed by the beauty and simplicity of your narration which never loses sight of the relevance of Ramayan. It’s a wonderful book and I couldn’t put it down. I am looking forward to reading it again.
    Thank you!

  • Sridhar Karnamadakala

    Hello Mr.Devdutt: This book has one of the best narratives with an honest attempt to analyze the various Dimensions,Backgrounds & Relationships of almost every character and event from the epic.It’s a wonderful book with a very high re-readable value.Thanks.

  • Ananya Samajdar

    Dr. Pattanaik

    This book is sure to be interesting. I am really curious as to how you have approached the issue of Ram as maryada purushottam vs. Ram as the individual and deity whose acts of putting sita through the agni pareeksha and eventually banishing her are endlessly debated to this day. Looking forward to read the book!

    However I am really wondering if Ram is the only god to be worshipped as a king. Lord krishna too is worshipped in the Dwarka temple as Dwarkadheesh.

    • Krishna was a Yadava and no Yadava was ever allowed to be king as per the curse of Yayati against his eldest son Yadu……..even the Wodiyar kings of Mysore who claimed descent from Yadavas never wore a crown…they chose turbans….

  • Bhavana

    Hello Dr. Puttnaik,

    I bought your “The book Of Rama” from the bookstore in Mumbai airport as I was waiting to board my flight to Canada. It was a fantastic read. It was my first introduction to your books and am looking forward to reading the other books written by you.
    I found the analysis of Ram from different aspects very facinating. Thoroughly enjoyed the book. Will read it again.

  • ujwala

    Dear sir,
    I really was awestruck with the way you have explained and have done the entire analysis of the different characters in ramayana..It was very informative,and a super splendid read..Loking forward to read more of your books.

  • would like to b informed , as soon as ur Hindi translations come to the market..

  • Lakshmikant

    The Book of Ram is one of the best books I have read in my life. The analysis of looking at the character Ram through the various views is very imaginative.

    I have recommended this book to many of friends in India and abroad and they’ve all loved it

  • sukhjit singh makkar

    Dear Mr. Pattanaik, i have corresponded with you in the past after having read your BOOK OF RAM.
    I suggested to you then and now I once again request you to write a book comparing the two main Hindu Gods – Shree Ram and Shree KRISHNA – both being absolute opposites of each other , one abhoring violence but realising that for truth to prevail, violence at times is unavoidable, and the other, realising that nothing but absolute violence will allow the truth to prevail. one being absolutely monogamous and the other —– ,both loving their womenay.
    one being righteous to the point of exasperation and the other ready to resort to a devious method without a thought ( or a well thought out thought ). when can we expect your bold mythological analysis ?

    • Devdutt

      I plan to do that…eventually….

      • GuruM

        It may well turn out to be your best book given the number of people puzzled by actions of both Ram and Krishna.

  • Balaji Prasad Gara

    Sorry my above comment got published by mistake while typing.

    Going through my experience again below from your book:

    Dear Devdutt ji, Namaskaram.

    After I saw your videos in CNBC TV18 about Business Sutras, I went through your website and purchased few books. One of them, which was very interesting is “THE BOOK OF RAM”. I had a question in my mind after experiencing your book: Did Ram followed the path of Dharma by sending Sita to forest? If it is so, how can we take it from Sita’s perspective on what Ram is doing to her? How it might have had helped people of Ayodhya? Of-course you also said that he lost the battle to his sons thus implies Sita’s high moral ground over Ram. Still my mind is in a kind of Dharma sankat kind of situation because Ram is such a person, who can’t take an unfair decision at all, but what might be the poet’s / myth is trying to tell us by this ! Please help me out.

    I use to hear a lot of stories about Ram from my grand mother, which inspired me to go through your speeches and buy your books to understand your perspective. And you know every village in Andhra Pradesh, will definitely have a Ram’s temple along with Hanuman on the Road side, which was very exciting for me to know that I am reaching my grand mother’s village :)

    Balaji Prasad Gara.

    • Devdutt

      If there is a choice between a ‘unreasonable kingdom’ and a ‘faithful wife’, who should a king choose? Ram chooses the former. Modern minds want the story to change. Traditional wisdom says, “Go figure!”

      • Balaji Prasad Gara

        You said it! Thanks a lot. You inspired me to inspire my ways to learn different ways of looking at it.

        Thanks again.

        • siddhartha

          well what was the point of killing so many people in the war if he had to leave his WIFE..i am surpised in todays world , how can women accept him as GOD…..

          • Devdutt


      • Rasikarajah

        Another aspect of looking @ it would be — Ayodhya has 4 princes to choose from – Bharat, Lakshman. Shatrughan would do as well- Sita has only one husband. So he should have chosen sita over the kingdom.

        • devduttp

          Typically, in these modern times, we are eager to correct people, Ram included, rather than understand them.

  • Harish

    Hi there,

    I watched all the episodes of Business Sutra on CNBC-TV18 and like it very much.

    I would like to understand some of the important Greek mythological characters. Is there any books that you can suggest for the same?
    It would be great if the books in a simple and easy to understand language.

    Do you suggest reading any other mythologies from a business perspective?

    Thank you.

  • Ruchi Aggarwal

    Hello Mr. Pattanaik!!

    It was a pleasure watching the TED lecture which inspired me enough to be discussing you at college. I am a post graduate student at Lady Irwin College, Delhi. I was more than ecstatic to know that you agreed to be a part of our 40th year celebrations of the Department of HDCS. Thanks for that. :-)

    I just finished reading The Book of Ram. I must say that the book written in simple language was so picturesque that it seemed to me as if I were in that yuga.

    I am personally not religious and have always felt that all the fantasy is created by humans only. You let me help knowing this Indian God in a much better way than anyone else did before. The book reveals so many hidden facts written and known about Ram. I was amazed to know all that. Your presentations and critical passages are most acknowledged. I must refer to the illustrations here too, they are beautiful and very artistic.

    Thanks to you… I have a feeling that I have a religion and that is love… weather or not Ram did something for Sita but he loved her; Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman loved Ram, Ram loved his countrymen. Its that dedication towards the one you love that you are decided to bear anything to reach which serves him/her the best. :-)

  • Rishi Sahu

    Hello Mr. Pattanaik,

    It was enlightning to see your Business Sutra on You Tube. I think it has changed the way I use to think about this world.

    Managed to get your signed copy of Jaya, which I just finished. It is definately full informative. However I feel all that happened in JAYA or Mahabaharat was manupulated by Krishna, who I think was born to do that. However the kind of social life they had those days is something hard to believe. It seems that there were no society, no rules, no regulations. It is hard to immagine us live that kind of life where anything or everything was acceptable. The role of Krishna in making Pandav go against the set rules of the war itself should be Adharma.

    Anyways.. I lookforward to read some more of your books. It is indeed pleasure reading it and getting different direction to our lateral thinking.



  • Nirupama Khare

    Dear Devdutt,

    I was introduced to you though my friend Shanoo Singh. The first book I read was Preganant King …and was impressed with simplicity and yet so thoughtful script. My next book was The Book of Ram..I loved your comparison of three women …wild/unfaithul and the one faithful to Mother Earth… comparison of Ram and Krishn.

    My next one is Myth and I am still reading …

    Thank you ..YOU brought me closer to my sanskriti

  • Khitish

    Great work Sir.
    I have read and reread your book many times.
    I have approached it as a firm believer of Lord Ram. And I have approached it as an atheist. And found the book truly enlightening in both ways.
    Very inspiring, very humbling. Guides us on the path.

  • Adil Siddiqui

    Salam Devdutt Sir

    Been in love with the mythology and have gone through Ramayana and Mahabharata a couple of times. But, this does not seem to quench my thirst for more and more info about both. It was in this search that i stumbled upon your book. ave ordered “Jaya”. Will soon follow it up with the book of Ram. Thanks a lot.

  • Mayur

    Dear Sir,

    I am a banker and in the midst of the complex deal we were trying to structure, I had this book with me, every night I will read a little. Somewhere I realized, how to write memo on a daily basis. Everyone knows everything about Ramayana, but still this book does wonderful thing by focussing on something which the most “Essence” of all. You may never have thought like that, but this is classic text book on how to write your business case or notes.


  • Roopa

    I am huge fan of the author ever since i discovered a book in corner of a dusty old bookstore in Matunga. I think it was the Pregnant King. Then my 5 year old casually pulled out The Book of Ram once while in Crossword. I think it was destiny.
    I have been hooked ever since. The Book of Ram is my personal favourite as well. So many facets of a character we have always been taught to revere.
    I am currently almost through with Jaya. I think the illustrations are incredible, so simple yet so effective.

    I would also like to know what courses you did and from where. If you could mail me, my mail id has also been provided.

    Thank you.

  • Anurag

    When do you plan to launch the e-version of your books ?

  • Virajita Patel

    Dear Devdutt,

    Do any of your website book seller post to Australia..
    I live in australia and have recently watched your business sutra on youtube, and am very much interested in reading your boooks.
    Which site can i but them from ???

    All the best,
    Thank you,

    • Devdutt


  • Rama Sudheer Vanapalli

    Namaste Sir,
    I was very much impressed by your work. Can you please suggest me any of your books or some best books to read more about Hanuman Corporate sutras, since I heard he is the best corporate guru from Ramayan.

    Thanks in advance.

  • dr. sonia gk

    hello Dr. Devdutt
    just finished reading The book of Ram..it was a good read..i was fascinated by the narration of hanuman going to naglok to find Ram’s ring..i have never heard this concept of cycle of world i.e. repitition of the yugs again and again..was really fascinated by this..

  • Sonal

    Hello Mr. Devdutt,
    As a God, I alwz prayed Ram, but now he also became an inspirational figure..
    you have given such a beautiful description of his various rolls…

    Now m reading 7 secrets of Shiva..


  • “If there is a choice between a ‘unreasonable kingdom’ and a ‘faithful wife’, who should a king choose? Ram chooses the former. Modern minds want the story to change. Traditional wisdom says, “Go figure!”” – I am told that there is a verse in Ramayan, the last part Uttara kandam, where Ram asks his pregnant wife – Tell me your wish and I will fulfill it as it is duty of a husband to do so when his wife is pregnant. – to this Sita wishes to live among the hermits and grow her children there.

    The next day Ram, the ikshvaku king , councils his brothers about the washerwoman’s husband and sends Sita to the hermits.

    Could you elaborate/ enlighten on this?


  • drkash11

    I am a doctor myslef but since childhood have fascination for our Indian mythology hence used to watch all vishnu purans hunaman and all the serial of mythology on tv.
    Your books are enchanting and for a person like me who does not like to read much, still i was hooked onto, just becuase of my liking towards Indian Gods

    • GuruM

      Since you don’t like reading so much you might find the videos on ‘Shastrartha’ and ‘Business Sutra’ more accessible. They try to bring the wisdom and vision of the sages into every day life i.e. the Artha and Kama parts of life which leave many frustrated and without a better perspective to understand things.

  • Deep Biswas

    I ain’t payin money fo dis shit nigga! as long as it’s free I’m in, ya’mean? But i ain’t sparin ma wallet aiit!

  • Yogesh Vaishnav

    Dear Devdutt

    I am a big fan of yours and has been following your even since you appeared on TedTalk for first time.
    My query is:
    In the ‘book of Ram’ it is written that ‘book of Buddha’, ‘book of Muhammad’, ‘book of Krishna’ is also available in Penguin India publication. But I am unable to find them either here or Penguin’s website.
    Could you help me in finding a store? I will be obliged.
    Thank you!
    -Yogesh Vaishnav