99 Thoughts on Ganesha

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In the game of cricket, having scored 99 runs, when a bats-man stands poised on the threshold of that much coveted century, he experiences the moment that is best associated with Ganesha.


Fear and uncertainty envelop him; between him and his achievement stand hurdles, both real and imaginary: a possible spin from the bowler can overwhelm him, his own anxiety can paralyze him, cheering fans can distract him. He needs divine intervention then. He needs to focus, get rid of all hurdles, perform, get the final run, and achieve what he so longs for. In other words, he needs to think of Ganapati.


This book brings together 99 meditations to better understand the stories, symbols and rituals of that ador-able elephant-headed Hindu god who removes hurdles and brings prosperity and peace. Known variously as Ganapati, Gajanana, Vinayaka or Pillayar, he can help all of us score a century in the game called life.




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  • Suresh

    Hi! i just bought this book.
    Can’t wait to start reading it! My best wishes to you!!

  • Rahul Malik

    I loved this book infact i loved all your books (I ordered all your books from flipkart last month).. I hope you write an elaborate book on VEDAS as well.. Thanks a lot for writing such amazing books :)

  • You are a prolific writer. Its a treat to read your work.

    May He bless you.

  • Anup

    It is surprising that you have not made any reference to the SWASTIKA the most popular symbol associated with Ganesha ( at leasr in the northern India)

    • Devdutt

      Read the book again….it is very much there

      • Anup

        My appologies.

        A “Contents” page would be quite usefull

        • Devdutt

          Good suggestion!

  • Amit

    Any insight on saptrishis?

  • Uma Vaijnath

    Why “Drishti Ganesha” not included in the book?

  • Kishore

    Dear Sir,

    I am diehard fan of yours, I came to know about you from the speach at TED in mysore. I was overwhelmed with your speach and started finding your books and started reading with utmost eager.
    However, the book 99 thoughts on ganesha has made a Ganesha bhakth.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful book (as all your books are).

    I have wish to meet you some day. Let see what God has in Card.

    With High Regards

  • Soven Kanungo

    i love this book regarding one of my favorite god of Hindu mythology,this book is like all other works of Mr.Devdutt Pattnaik. it is a masterpiece……i enjoyed this book a lot…
    thank you