Devlok with Devdutt Pattanaik

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Based on the 1st Season of Devlok

Book Cover: Devlok with Devdutt Pattanaik
Part of the Devlok series:

Journey into the amazing world of Hindu mythology with Devdutt Pattanaik
• Why are most temples dedicated to Vishnu, Shiva or the goddess, but not to Brahma or Indra?
• How are an asura, rakshasa, yaksha and pishacha different from each other?
• Why did the Pandavas find themselves in naraka rather than swarga?

Over several months, EPIC Channel’s ground-breaking show Devlok with Devdutt Pattanaik has enthralled countless viewers. Here, finally, is the book based on the first series of the ever-popular show, which will take you on a scintillating tour through the myriad stories, symbols and rituals that form the basis of Hindu culture.

Prepare to be surprised and thrilled as Devdutt narrates magical tales about larger-than-life figures—gods, goddesses, demi-gods and demons who you thought you knew well but didn’t. Learn about the intricacies of Hindu thought as he explains the origin and meaning of different creation myths and throws light on why we believe in a cyclical—not linear—concept of time.

This book is your perfect introduction to the endlessly fascinating world of Hindu mythology.

Publisher: Penguin Random House India
Reviews:Gitanjali Chiya on wrote:

Most would shy away at the very title comforted in thinking that books on mythology are always pushing, assertive and over-ambitious. They are the shadows of something that is becoming increasingly obsolete. But trust me, this man changed me in ways I did not expect.

Based on the running EPIC show, Devlok.
Change, yes. You might like the word, or you might hate it. But the fact remains that it is the most inevitable thing in life. And honestly, discovering the writings of this man has definitely made me thing about things I wouldn’t normally think about.

Let me paint you a picture first.

I was one of those kids who was convinced that anything even remotely nigh to pooja and Hinduism is “uncool”. I was jovial seeking the validation of the people around me who felt the very same. Anyone who was religious was meant to be shunned. I picked up this book hoping to cram up facts for a quiz I had to participate in, with the central theme of Indian Mythology. Little did I know, there was a world waiting for me in those pages I had not expected.

No, I can feel the burning question as you read this, I didn’t become a religious nut and ran off to pray right the minute I read it. This is not a book that preaches you the ways of Hinduism. It tells you the ways of Hinduism and Indian history with a rather fresh persepective. A scientist’s perspective, If I may be so bold. We see hinduism the way a sceptic might, or in a way a storyteller might. He tells why these stories are the way they are, why does it have thr kind of variations it does. The whole why of it all. The book is an a question and answer form and takes us on a journey from level 1 of understanding Indian mythology, even for those who have never been introduced to it.

He explains the simple and complex philosophies behind these stories in very rudimentary language. It’s surprising how such a simple book has such a deep seated impact on you.

“What the person, who knows the truth, will speak, will not be understood by the person who does not know the truth.”

― Devdutt Pattanaik
The more you read it, the more interested you will be in the subject. I highly recommend this book and the subsequent ones written by the author to everyone.