• Rajiv Goyal

    Everybody knows basic fundmentals of life even then they keep themselve involved into practices which results into guilt at the fag end of their carrer. The corporate culture in every organisation, even at TATAs self appointed guard of values though 180deg apart in practice, has become highly incentive based commodity. More than 90% managers have become king when they deal with their colleagues and juniors. The proximity to CEOs make them feel like GOD and devlop a sychophancy environment. Don’t you feel lack of creativity among managers and discretionary options available with CEOs in the name of variable salaries are causing such behaviours. Does it not contribute to corruptions in corporates where both employees and promotors are equally responsible, infact more than politicians as they are supply source of illegal money to them.

    • aapkiparwaaz

      I completely agree to this

  • Surendra Batra

    Very true, though I feel you are exagegerating as far as TATA’s are concerned. It is very true when we see the small Babus exploiting their powers and harrasing the

  • dinesh mittal

    i like the article and want to read in hindi. so please guide me.

  • nitin p. patel

    i like the article and want to read in hindi or gujarati


    aap sa anurodh ha aap apna hindi blog suru kara taki hum logo ko bhi gyan mela !!!

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