The snake sacrifice

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Janamejaya performed a great sacrifice to kill all the snakes in the world. It was at this deadly ceremony that the Mahabharata was narrated to appease the angry king.

  • Rikumar Mody

    I have been reading your articles from a long time and have almost become addicted to it. If I don’t find your articles in Management Mythos in The Economic Times, CD I feel incomplete. Now on your website I am not able to read the full articles, can you explain why. The main intention to write this comment is can you focus on some fault in human life as Kaal Sarp Dosh. What exactly does it signify, how it leads to and how can it be rectified if some person has it.

    Thanking you in anticipation of a favorable reply.

    • Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik

      Just check if you are reading an article or just a description of an illustration….full articles are accessible by clicking on the title link….

  • Mahesh Iyer

    I have been an ardent reader of your articles in ET. Sometime back i accessed your website and have been reading regularly.
    Recently you have re-done your website and i too have the same problem as reported by Mr Mody.
    Clicking on the Title also returned only the description.
    Also,the website takes very long to load – some optimisation of the website is required.

    • Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik

      Yes, we have noted this point and the designer is working on it

  • Who narrated this tale to Janamejaya? Wasn’t Nagaraja Vasuki also to be destroyed in this yagna?

    • Vyasa’s student, Vaisampayan, narrated the tale…..yes, even the serpent king’s life was threatened….but he was saved by nephew Astika, who was half human, who stopped Janamejaya

  • Satish Gundawar

    Whole article is not visible on website.

  • Kanan

    Hello Sir, I read your stories and I saw all your interviews on Youtube. Let me tell you the one with Shikhandi and Krishna is amazing.

    I am a design student currently studying at Pratt Institute. My Thesis topic is about the untapped potential of street kids of Mumbai, and how through the use of Bollywood and story telling can I help these kids bring out the best in them.

    I would like to know what you think about the topic, and any other insights that would have for me.

    I would highly appreciate it.

    Thank you.


  • Followed your TED India talk to this site. Upon seeing this post, I was reminded of a verse my grandfather had taught me when I was a kid (I had to google what I remembered to get the text as I was taught verbally):

    bho sarpa bhadra bhadram te duuram gaccha mahaa yazaah
    janamejayasya yajna ante aastiika vacanam smara

    I believe it was to overcome fear of snakes (?) Would it be related to your post’s illustration.

    Anyways, thanks for bringing back a good memory and a verse I had completely forgotten for more than 20yrs.

    I enjoyed your TED talk very much!


  • Sanjibani panda

    Ur recent speech on west vs east i saw on internet is mind blowing.

  • Prakhar Jha

    We read lot of literature about management philosophy by east as well as by west(namely tpm, tqm, toc bla..bla…) but why not we create our own unique one based on our belief system that governs indian business.

  • Sibaranjan Pattnayak

    Dear Sir,

    Your talk at TED was heart touching. If we think that we human have same type of desires (i.e. desire to grow and overcome our problems (mukti)) then we will not fight with each other based upon races and cultural differences. We will make the whole world as our home. A world with no boundary, a world with one single family, a world with no wars due to race or religion. Lets us spread the truth that we human either it is black or white came from Africa (proved by human genome project). Let us spread the message that we have relation between one another. Lets hope that complete peace to our world. Let there be complete harmony among human kind, all other creatures and nature. Lets grow together to make a perfect world.

    Thanks for all your mind blowing presentation – where you presented that it all depends upon perception of individual how he interpret a scenario. Everything may be right at same time. It all depends upon perceptions which one you will follow. Both western thoughts and eastern thoughts are correct depending upon the person, his virtue, space and time.

    Sibaranjan Pattnayak

  • deb

    Sir, not able to read the full article..

  • pragnya

    great illustrations!!
    which one of your books has the most number..
    is there a book with only your illustrations?

  • Dr.Vandana

    Dear Sir,

    Your articles in the CD of Economic Times are just amazing. You have given a new dimension to current management world by reminding them of our past heritage. I am your big fan.Your perspective of looking at problems is very simple and effective. Trying to learn from your readings as I am a student of Hospital Administration from Tata Insitute of Social Sciences, Mumbai